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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band on EvO:R

When the EvO:R organization was just starting out I was contacted by Zingo Zango member Ellen Lindsey about joining our organization. At the time I wanted to broaden my musical horizons by inviting bands or artists that where different then myself and a jug band was pushing the envelope. Since joining, the band has become one of the foundation members of EvO:R and joined the exclusive Elite Veterns Of Rock in early 2000.

"Like a bad car wreck, you don't want to look but you have too" American Vaudeville-style Tomfoolery! Old style music and humor presented with tongue firmly planted in cheek.


"I just had the utmost pleasure in finally listening to my buds' Cd---folks, MP3 and RA and whatnot cannot do it is a TREASURE. It will be featured on my new country show Miz B's Porch A LOT---sadly, it ain't in the first one because I hadn't found it in the BIIIIGGGGGG stack yet! But if you haven't heard them yet, and know them only thru our friendship here--- immediately run to learn about this jugband...AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!...MIZ B

The enthusiasm and fun arrangements of songs such as "Cat Came Back", "Ain't Misbehavin'", "Ol' Cow-Hand", and "Whoopie Ti Yi Yo" far outweigh the occasional flat note and raw recording that gives Jug Band Music a charming live feel. Get this if you like good ol' American family folk music. These guys have more interesting music and musicianship then, say, a Peter, Paul, and Mary; but are less talented vocalists. Lots of fun!...Shane Matsumoto

Zingo Zango, an old school country band from Maine have been together for a decade. This is no ordinary band writing about how their truck that broke down, or how their wife ran off with another man. They use humor in thier lyrics with songs such as "Ain't misbehaving Medeley" to "Cat Came Back". Zingo Zango use bells, whistles, crestent wrenches , or just about anything they can get their hands on. The band had gone from playing biker bars, hotels, to concert venues. Zingo Zango began to have airplay across the U.S. mainly on college stations. The bands main goal is to expose their unique style of music to the South East up and down the entire Easten Seaboad. ......... JOHN LAVARDA, reviewer

Jug music originated before the war (civil war) as people would sit around a campfire and look for ways to entertain each other. An early version of the guitar provided a basic chord structure and many folks would attemp to create a drunken harmony. By blowing into a large jug a sound was produced that actually helped add another instrument to this already limited early band formate. Zingo Zango has tried to create this musical atmospher by taking tradition music and playing it with instruments that were used at that time, string (one) bass, guitar, mandelin, and of course jugs. I was not a big fan of this music, however I will say they captured the campfire feeling. Vocal harmonies, and vocal ad lids filled the air as the tongue and cheek music filled my multi media speakers. Anyone looking for a history lesson on how music and inprovisation was created in this country should give this band a listen.........Orion Man

This here is 'Gramps 78', remember me? I reviewed your weird-ass site once when you were looking for seniors to sell your crap to. Didn't care much for it then and I don't care much for it now. But, since I ain't real busy these days with the war over and my kids grown up and the bad leg and all, I figure I could do the over 40 review thing. Heck, I could do the over 65 review if you wanted. I already reviewed some crap for that Tie skillet Matrix kid. What kind of weird name is that? Also, that Hip Hop County Country Band. They still with you? Now, this Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band sounds like they might be fun and perhaps a little more reasonable than some of that other crap you offer. What the hell is with that Quad Carburetor junk. Bunch a cow farts sound better than that! Well, here is my first review, what you think?....Grampz.

I have never experience anything like this Jug Band Music. It was full of fun, energy, with vocal harmonies coming from everywhere. The music wasn't great, I wasn't blown out of my seat because of great musicianship or stunning time signature changes, the music simply made me happy.".....Charlie Harrelson, founder of EvO:R
CD offer
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Jug Band Music
Zingo Zango

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Blue Gel-O Shots

Live at Ricci's
Zingo Zango

Martin Swinger

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