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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Jimmie Vestal on EvO:R

In the late 90's when the Internet was new and the CD was the dominating force in music I meet a guy still stuck in the 50's-60's era. His name was Jimmie Vestal. He was so stuck in time that he was still recording to 45 RPM records! Jimmie Vestal was such a throw-back to the past that I felt a need to invite him to join the EvO:R family. Since joining EvO:R- Jimmie has advanced to the digital world but his roots and love for the 50's era still remain in his heart and music....
Charlie Harrelson- Founder of EvO:R

Jimmie Vestal is a Pinellas Park, Florida Free Agent (independent) song writer and musician.

He is the hardest working rocker around that records original music written in the style of the 50's and 60s era rock and roll music and has already written over 165 copyrighted songs.

One of his songs, THAT'S ALL RIGHT, is up-tempo blues-rock that is based on his grandmother's poem. It was pressed on a 7" 45 RPM vinyl record. The flip side, MY PRECIOUS LOVE, is a slow, romantic ballad. It is a song with feeling, and it is dedicated to someone who had a hit song with the word "Feeling" in the title.

"Jimmie Vestal is one the most promotionally minded artists on the planet"...EvO:R
To back that statement up I'll mention just a few of the many promotional ideas Jimmie has worked on over the years.

7" 45 RPM vinyl record- when the world was almost totally digital Jimmie recorded songs to vinyl and sent promotional copies to radio stations that still played the format. As more and more radio stations turned to digital music Jimmie's opportunities seemed numbered but what he gained was a foot in the door at stations that played vinyl.

Drive-in Movie Promo- the drive-in movie theater was a staple until the late 70's when multi-plex theatres started to dominate the movie business. While their numbers dwindled to a mear handful of locations in the country Jimmie decided to once again capture a market where few still tread. He created a Drive-In Romance song that was customized for each drive-in theatre and sold a renewable license to the theatre owners for one year and that license allowed the drive-in theater to use the song as a promo give away or to create a Drive-in Romance bargain deal at the snack shop which would consist of popcorn, coke and a CD with the licensed song on it. How creative is that?

Bold Head Diva- The caricature of the character in his song appeared on post cards, soda pop, wooden nickels, and on bottles of Gourmet Steak Sauce. This is no ordinary ho-hum promotion. Restaurants and night clubs, that are contacted to sell the song on CD to their customers, also have the opportunity to introduce the Diva's special sauce to their hungry guests.

Jimmie Vestal's 10 most important songs
•Jimmie takes us on a tour of the 10 songs that helped mold his song writting style. We have also posted some of Jimmie's audio and video gems. This is a must see section for Jimmie Vestal fans around the world.
  •  Go here to see the list.

  • Jimmie Vestal Reviews
    • Rock'n'roll is not dead! Jimmie R. Vestal is here with a rollicking two-chorder that harks back to the classic 50's sizzling and fizzing with obvious zest for tracks like "Rocket 88" that kicked it all off. It comes on a variety of coloured vinyl gramophone 7" and almost entirely of the chorus with a great reverb break and Mr. Magoo vocals."

    • I let my three teenagers, Kelsey 17, Stephanie 15 & Clayton 13, along with a few of their friends listen to them too. They loved the song "Who Dat?"! They were all dancing in my kitchen! It was hilarious!!

    • I think you've managed to bring back something that's been missing in music for the last twenty to thirty years ...... FUN! I felt like I was at a SOCK HOP when the kids were dancing!!

    CD offers
    Drive-Ins, Juke Boxes, and Good Times
    - Volume 1

    Remember when all radio stations had turntables to spin current songs that were released as 45 RPM vinyl records? Perhaps you have only read and heard about a vinyl record - - - or you may be a vinyl collector yourself. You might even own a Juke Box. You may have visited a "soda shop" and saw a Juke Box (a coin operated phonograph record player). You may have sat in your car and watched a "Drive-In Theatre" movie outdoors. This CD comes with a genuine 7" 45 RPM vinyl pressing of two of the songs that are also on the CD.
     I Message of Love I  Who Dat? I  Rock and Roll Blues I  That's All Right I 

    Songs You Will Love...After A 6-Pak
    - Volume 2

    Relive the 60s. The early Rock 'n' Roll style that started it all. This is a continuation of Volume 1 of this series.Originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Jimmie moved to the land of Sand and Palms and began writing and recording many of the songs that were inspired by bands he performed with and by many of the 1960s songs he heard on radio.

     I  I Get Stuck I  Remember This? I  Whodunit? I 
    Please Say I  I Now Know I  Jazz It Up I 

    Songs You Will Love...After A 6-Pak
    - Volume 1

    JIMMIE R. VESTAL is Good for what Ails you. If Rockabilly is Your Thing, and Rockabilly is Definitely One of Our Things. All Produced in his studio Somewhere in the Wilds of Florida. This just may be Subtitled Rockabilly for the Savvy Computer Set and comes equipped with that Vintage Computer Echo Chamber that Stan Freberg Made Famous.

     I Hawaiian Luau  I Steak Sauce And A Song  I Confucius Saying #49  I Clubbin' In Miami Beach  I Bald Head Diva (Hard Rock Cafe)  I Wooly Bully Again

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