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  •  Nicki Sutherland on EvO:R

    Nicki Sutherland has been a member of the EvO:R family for many years and we are proud of the hard work that she does to promote her independent music. Success for indies comes one listener at a time and Nicki knows this.

    With guitar in hand, Nicki Sutherland brings to the stage a fresh attitude and sound. Combining elements of folk, pop, and rock, her songs are pensive, direct and oblique, often about relationships, but not strictly romantic in nature.

    Born and raised in South Africa (where her family still resides), Nicki came to America in 1993 on a tennis scholarship. She attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah for two years. Eager for a change, she transferred to Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, where she completed her Computer Science degree.

    Born and raised in South Africa, Nicki came to America in 1993 on a tennis scholarship.Nicki was originally trained in classical piano. She began using her musical background to teach herself to play the guitar and together with that, she started writing songs. Exposed to the emotion of those first few songs, friends of Nicki's convinced her to perform at a local pub's open mic night. That performance opened the door for her to start playing on a regular basis at area bars, coffee shops and music festivals.

    In little over a year Nicki was nominated for 'Best Female Vocalist' in a 1998 reader pole in Columbus's local arts and leisure newspaper, Playgrounds. She went into the studio in 1997 to record a two song tape which increasingly sold with each performance. April of the following year she was invited to play on the Folk Life Stage at Riverfest in Columbus, joining other regional and national known artists.

    Early in 1999, she released her first full length CD, 'Precious Things', recorded with bassist Ray Blair and percussionist Dave Holland. With the addition of Blair and Holland, Nicki was able to add a new dimension to her sound. This venture proved to be so successful that Nicki asked Blair and Holland to perform with her on a regular basis. Now touring the southeast to promote her CD, she performs both with a band and individually.

    Nicki Sutherland is a singer-songwriter par excellence. Her album "Precious Things" is replete in solid songwriting and percussive acoustic guitar with intricate, enticing melodies. Nicki mixed the recording herself and the results show her care. The voice and guitar, the melodic mainstays of her material, are foremost. Sutherland's delivery is personal and warm; each of the album's ten tracks is a 'precious thing.'

    CD REVIEW "Precious Things", Hermit's Song
    Karen E. Reynolds - Writer's Block/ Sound Advice
    "I've seen Nicki Sutherland play live...and her CD has the same excitement to it. Her voice runs from 'breathy brush', to 'in your face'. Arrangement wise, Hermit is a roller coaster ride, taking the listener wherever it chooses."

    CD offer
    Nicki Sutherland
    Precious Things---$10.00
    1. Trains
    2. Precious Things
    3. Part of This World
    4. Not the Daughter
    5. Haunted
    6. Change
    7. Hermit's Song
    8. Stop the World
    9. Hand to Mouth
    10. Time
    11. Keep Your Eyes On the Road...

    Nicki Sutherland
    Nothing In Excess---$12.97
    1. If I Could (Merlin's Song)
    2. 400 Miles
    3. Lying in Limbo
    4. Forever
    5. Getaway
    6. Change in Time
    7. Into the Light
    8. Waiting
    9. Lying to Me
    10.Beatiful to Me
    11. Pinky Swear
    12. Rising Above
    13. Dunno How To Love You
    14. Broken
    15. Hide Myself from You
    16. Balance
    17. Unforgiving Summers
    18. Moving in Circles
    19. Worthy
    20. Forgive Me
    21. Requiem

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