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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  R.I.P.E. on EvO:R
    "Ripe is the cream of the crop! This band is headed for the big time, baby!"
    —Elite Veterans of Rock .

    • R.I.P.E. Bio
    When a group sits down to write the material to record and perform, normally one style becomes the dominant format that defines their sound. Not so with R.I.P.E., an acronym for Reveling In Perpetual Evolution. As the name implies, this band refuses to be tied to any one genre. The compositions are a result of a marriage between the male backing musicians, and the fronting female vocalists … in particular, musical arranger and keyboardist Dan Bar Hava and vocalist Christa McNamee. "We are determined not to be pigeon-holed to any one sound, or be labeled one particular type of entity" explains Dan. "We want to entertain, see people enjoying themselves, and enjoying music again". "And we want to enjoy what we are doing too" adds Christa. "if we want to write jazz, we will write jazz… if Dan or Seth brings something classical in, we embellish upon that. If a pop, Latin or dance arrangement comes into the flow, we entertain writing that style too."

    Rounding out the backing musical muscle is guitarist Seth Himmelhoch, percussionist Simon Miller, drummer Rich Zukor, and bassist Vinny Raniolo. Fronting the band with Christa is Jessica Grant and Leia Thompson. The talent in this organization is powerful too. Most of the musicians have their Masters degrees at their particular craft. For example, Dan writes everything, from Bartok-style orchestral scores to new age hip-hop to rock, pop, techno and dance. Dan's music has been performed in New York (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall), Greece, South America, South-East Asia, and Israel. Seth is director of Guitar Studies at William Patterson University and founder for the Suzuki Guitar Program at the JCC/Thurnauer School of Music. Seth serves on the Guitar Development committee of the Suzuki Association of America. And Simon...At 17 he was awarded a World Scholarship Tour scholarship to Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

    The fronting female line is formidable too. In addition of harmoniously balancing out the boys, they are not only mesmerizing to watch, but have worked to craft their talent too. . Jessica is a National Dean's list recipient and graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and Christa attended Tisch School Of the Arts Writing Program, got on the Dean's list, and graduated summa cum laude.

    Jessica, Leia and Christa not only grace the stage with their seductive visages and vocal ability, but are also actresses that among them have a plethora of stage, screen and TV experience. Their abilities are very evident on their new music video for the song, "Bring Me Back" (which won an honorable mention at the Billboard International Song Competition) that was conceived and filmed under the watchful eye of Director DAVID SONKIN.

    •  R.I.P.E. Reviews
    •  "Dan Bar Hava (band leader/keys) is Keith Emerson with short hair. Seth Himmelhoch (guitars) is a cross between Segovia and Hendrix. Rich Zukor (drums) creates a solid and sensitive groove." -New Music Network on Clear Channel

    • "Ripe is unbelievable. I can't stop falling in love with these girls." — DJ Frank Cotolo

    • "…(They) put on an amazing live show." —Stony Brook Press

    • "This band delivers a lush vocal and sound quality redolent of influences like Santana and Jethro Tull" —Mighty Aphrodite/NY Waste

    • "...with a timeless sound like this (RIPE) will certainly be making music for years to come" —FM Sound

    • "R.I.P.E. is a band with drive and a sexy feel" -Bill Carrera

    • "...Ripe kicks the genre up a notch with their vast musical aptitude and splendid songwriting."

    • "Why can't I get anywhere with these Girls???" - Tom Feeley, Mgr.

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