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    Welcome to the Become a CD Reviewer for EVOR!.
    We are opening up the CD review process to anyone that wants to write a professional review. All you need to do is listen to the MP3 files that we provided for the band or artist and write your review.

    Reviews follow a specific format so use the form below to write your review. Once we have published 5 of your CD reviews you will be mailed an official EVOR Reviewer Baseball shirt. They look great and are made in the USA! So pick out any CD listed below, listen to all the MP3 files then write your review.

    The EvO:R CD Review Team

     CD title - Classified Misinformation
    by the Grey Agents
    Review by Charlie Harrelson

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    Song from the CD
    All songs are from the artist's CD Claaified Misinformation.
      /  Anytime  /   Evie  /   City of Gold  /   All These Little Pieces  /   You Gotta Be With Me  /   First It's Fast  /   The Real Me  /   Underground  /   Girls' Code  /   Yesterday Is Gone  /   Oh Hannah  /  
      /   All Wrapped Up in Love  /   The Alley of the Unknown  /   You're Gonna Die  /   Rock and Roll Song  /  

    The Review
    Original rock from West Virginia influenced by Tom Petty, REM, Elvis Costello, and The Beatles with a Hammond organ and big harmony vocals. Melodic rock fun!

    Funny what happens when people see eye to eye. While I was listening to this CD my notes compared the band to Tom Petty, REM, George Harrison, Jackson Brown and Bruce Springsteen. Then during my research on the band I read how they are compared to Tom Petty, REM and Elvis Costello.

    The CD cover has that secret agent look about it. Showing blue prints of various musical instruments. In the upper right hand corner of the CD cover is a single incandescent light bulb screwed into a downward facing light fixture. The kind you see in those 1960 detective shows during the interrogation scene. Even the CD cover font looks like the font used for labeling something as classified. Open up the CD and the left side reveals a dossier of the five Grey Agents. Each member has his own A.K.A. (Also Known As) name. The alias names like Strummer Grey, Grumpy Grey, Geezer Gray, Plucker Grey and Whitey Grey give hints as to each members part in the band. Strummer Gray is rhythm guitar, Plucker Grey is lead guitar while Whitey (for white ivory keyboards) Grey is the keyboard player. In keeping with the secret agent theme the right side of the inner sleeve features a Security Intelligence Report. The font is the same font used on all the classic mechanical typewriters prior to the computer age.

    After listening to the CD I was extremely pleased with the bands song writing skills. Each song was well constructed and performed with true passion. Strummer Grey has a voice unlike any artist I have ever heard. He barrows from a lot of singer while remaining true to his own personal style. I hear the influences of Elvis Costello and Tom Petty in his voice. It was also fun to listen to a real organ in some of the mixes. This adds a touch of old school nestalgia to a number of songs. Plucker Grey (on guitar) has what I call "studio chops." When I say a musician has "studio chops" I mean he/she doesn't come in trying to steal the show. The artist simply embellished the mix by not over playing anything. He plays as if every note is important and never over stays his welcome.

    In the Studio:

    The Grey Agents are a rock band from West Virginia, USA. Members include: Bob Workman, Davin Seamon, John Forester, John Farmer, and Brian Cottrill.

    I think this CD was recorded at someones home or at a few band members home studio. I say this because the songs sounded relaxed. When you are laying out thousands of dollars to record in a nice studio the music has a bit of tension attached to it. Every take and retake is costing money. This is not a bad thing as many artist's prefer the studio tention because the artist is playing "in the moment." For this release, a very layed back feeling was palpable.

    The recording was excellent with the vocals placed firmly in the middle of the sound stage. The drums sounded robusk and full. I was especial please with the bands vocal harmonies. Reminiscent of the early Beatles and 70's era Jackson Brown. The lead guitar was a bit bright on a couple songs but not enough to be of concern. It may have been done so the lead parts could cut right through a lush arrangement.

    15 songs for 10 bucks is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Song #4 All These Little Pieces" is the real hit song on this record. I also like the Springsteen inspired "Underground." Brian Cottrill has a voice like no other and this may take a little getting use to. In the late 70's I was back stage during a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performance and when I heard him sing for the first time I thought he would never make it out of Gainesville, Florida. Boy was I wrong..

    8 stars out of 10.

    Reviewed by Charlie Harrelson
    Founder of EVOR

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    Longwood, Fl.

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