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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Independent Musicians CD Reviews

    Welcome to the EvO:R Independent CD Reviews Section.
    I would like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to everyone. The EvO:R review section features reviews from various independent musicians that submit material for our consideration.

    I wanted to let you know a little about our review teams collective thoughts on music. It's important to let the people we review know what we think of their music and how we listened to their creations.

    We hold nothing back! The team has been instructed to be honest and respectful of all CD's reviewed.
    The EvO:R CD Review Team
    Artist: ALIA LORAE
    Album: The Mad and the Beautiful
    Reviewed By: Michael Keith
    Genre: Pop, Electronica, Trance, Goth-Rock.
    Technical Grade: 8/10
    Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10
    Commercial Value: 9/10
    Overall Talent Level: 9/10
    Songwriting Skills: 8/10
    Performance Skill: 9/10
    Sounds Like:Frankie Rose, Lady Gaga, Jeffree and Evanescence

    Review by: Michael Keith

    Have you listed to the Radio lately? Is it me or is something horribly wrong with today's music. Do you remember when music actually had really instruments in them with real people playing them? No kidding. How about good songwriting performed by artists that not only wrote the music but poured their heat and soul into performing them. Now when one listens to the radio what do you hear: a pretty face, cookie cutter songwriting, crafted via a microphone, some fancy sampling and a mix that sounds more like a commercial than a piece of music. Yes the magic is all but gone from modern-day music, and people are wondering why. Actually there are a few select artists out there that still believe in the power of music. Artists like Alia Lorae from New York for example.

    Her latest CD entitled The Mad and the Beautiful was released in 2012 and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the opening 3 tracks: the title track, "Modern Monsters” and “1,000 Years in Hell” . They made quite the first impression and each track possessed my full unadulterated attention right from the start.

    To be honest: I expected cheesy Sing Songy-Cheezy Pop that was extremely predictable and shallow in nature – very compatible for a mass audience. Well shame on me! What I discovered was actually quite the opposite. The whole CD is wonderfully conservative yet full of what I would call dark energy with music that appeals to so many different senses on so many different levels.

    Their music is extremely hard to pigeonhole but I can hear traces of Frankie Rose, Lady Gaga, Jeffree and Evanescence. I can also hear the slight Goth-Rock influence in there as well like say from Marilyn Manson. What I really like about Lorae is there is no attempt to deliver what I call over the top pop. Cheezy music via top flight sampling, cookie cutter songwriting via a mix that sounds more like a commercial than a piece of music. The Mad and the Beautiful will also appeal to both advanced and novice listeners alike. Whatever kind of listening level you’re on - some will identify with things while others will not.

    Like a three layered cake Alia Lorae is one artist that has allot of depth and has so much to offer. Weather it’s musically, lyrically, inspirationally, emotionally, spiritually - if you feel like music is taking us in the wrong direction than rest assured Alia Lorae is taking us back in the right direction with The Mad and the Beautiful.

    Heather Savage edited by Cyrus Rhodes

    Samples from the CD.
      Morphine Dreams  /     Explicit  /     For The Fragile  /     I'm Not Here  /     Savage Thing  /     Mine  /     XXX  /     1,000 Years in Hell  /     Modern Monsters  /     The Mad And The Beautiful  /  

    Final Word: Alia Lorae will affirm your faith in music again. She represents all that is good in music and her latest CD The Mad and the delivers a highly passionate 10 track catalog via top flight sampling, amazing songwriting and music that covers all the bases: Pop, Electronica, Trance, Goth-Rock. Rating 8.5/10 Stars
    The EvO:R CD Reviews Home Page

    Want EvO:R to review your music?
    It will be honest and above all, very interesting. You will be granted permission to reproduce the review or link to the review on any artist websites or social media sites.

    Due to the cost involved with hiring quality reviewers we will require a $15.00 donation when submitting a CD for review. Simply click the "donate" button to the right to donate $15.00 for your professional review.

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    EvO:R Reviewer
    855 Markham Wood Rd
    Longwood, Fl.

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    Reviews will appear in the order that CD's are sent so don't delay as it takes a few weeks for reviews to appear! If your CD is good enough it may qualify for the top 25 Indie CD's of all time.

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