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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
Quad-Cranium on EvO:R

This system and related software and equipment are intended solely for the communication, transmission, processing, and storage of Quad-Cranium information. For site security purposes and to ensure that this Web site remains available to all users, we monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage to the site.

Quad-Cranium Esoteric Visions
Was this story Real or just an Internet Hoax?

Whatever story you believe, it was marketing magic!
In late 1998 the EvO:R website was looking to create a real buzz. Website founder Charlie Harrelson asked graghic artist and musician Mark Bell to create something big. Mark's Triskelion Matrix section (now gone) on the EvO:R website was a huge fan draw because of Mark's mystical artwork and creative flash animation. What came next sparked one of the Internets most talked about stories that actually never happened..... or did it?

Based on the following statement:
Superstring theories involve the idea of higher dimensional spaces: 10 dimensions for fermions and 26 dimensions for bosons. It has been suggested that there are the normal 4 space-time dimensions, with the extra dimensions being tightly 'curled' up but Orbi Foto discovered the 11:11 portal within the layering system of dimensions. This clue was provided by an ancient source; Daath, the doorway on the Tree of Life.

From the statement above Mark Bell began creating the story behind the Esoteric Visions and the Quad-Cranium story begins to unfold.

Mark began the Esoteric Visions story like it was a mystery noval unfolding before the readers eyes. Every couple days he would post new information to the Quad-Cranium website on EvO:R about the issues facing Obi-Font, TM and Eilrahc Noslerrah. Then Mark would follow this up with a huge email campaign to organizations that believe in the wierd and unusual. Many of the page additions where hard to get to because Mark wanted to make people seek out this information as if it was really hidden from the general public. Some new links would reveal themselves within long flash animation sequences while other links where hidden behind graphic art or text on a page. Mark made navigation almost impossible for the random viewer but it was like bears to honey for the informed .

Once the Quad-Cranium section became a huge hit for visitors it was time for music.

Mark enlisted guitarist Charlie Harrelson to add his metal sound to the Acid Jazz-Techno music that Mark created for Esoteric Visons. With the music recorded and mixed Mark told people that the mystery behind the Esoteric Visions story would reveal itself within the actual songs and visitors would have to order the CD via a bootleg demo and a special website was set up to accept CD sales. Once they have listened to the CD they where to visit another special URL where they would be instructed as to how to find the new clues that are within the music. Those clues would lead the visitors closer to the truth behind the story.

Was this a true story, or an Internet Hoax?
That would be hard to say at this point because the basis behind the story was all based on scientific fact plus, the music did hide all the clues to the story and if you spell Eilrahc Noslerrah backwards (one of the main characters in this story) you get the name of one of the muscians on the CD and we all know that he lives in an Altered State!

Quad-Cranium Page Links of Interest
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CD is Now Available!

Exclusively distributed by Peacework Music Network for the low price of $13.00 plus shipping & handling worldwide. The Quad-Cranium CD is a tribute to an experiment gone drastically wrong with grave effects. Some of Orbi Foto's frequency work was used in creating a few of these songs. Altered States of Consciousness can be expected after listening to certain songs in a certain order. We can not reveal what that exact order is but we suggest putting the CD on "shuffle" play and make notes about the song order and how that song order effected your mind. If you realize that a day has passed without you knowing it, you've discovered the correct order. Unfortunatly, you may have lost your song list as we have been known to tell you to throw that paper away when we meet during your altered state.

Stream MP3's from all the songs on the CD.
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