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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  Kama Linden on EvO:R

    This is one artist you want to watch for…or watch out for She’s sure to bull doze over you with her latest release, for she holds nothing back She is currently touring the united states performing in Clubs, Festivals and Benefits.

    Kama Linden is a fireball of high energy, passion, and versatility. This gutsy lyricist catches you (and catches you off guard) with her edgy lyrics and voice (as in her first Hot AC single, Waiting), lulls you in with smooth vocals (Crossed Over), and has you grooving with her sultry sounds which are undeniably her own (Uninhibited, Bitter Lemon ). The songs are as sexy & dominating as is Kama. Each song is an answer to every question the listener has about life and love.

    Kama Linden Bio/Info
    • Brooklyn born Kama Linden is a fireball of high energy, passion, and versatility. One would never guess that she was afraid to sing when she was auditioning for musical theater! But then again, she is full of surprises, starting with taking her future into her own hands by writing her first song at the age of 11.

    • Keeping the torches of Pat Benatar and Patty Smyth alive, Kama’s music is not easily forgotten once she gets under your skin...and she will! This gutsy lyricist will catch you with her edgy voice, a sound that is undeniably her own and will make you do a double take when you listen to her songs - - you could swear that one minute she was sitting next to you singing a lost love lullaby and then next minute, dancing awfully close to you in a nightclub.

    • Kama is currently touring the US and Europe in support of her latest album “Uninhibited,” which is snowballing into a great success. With the album’s availability on I-Tunes along with her tracks being placed in television shows and movie soundtracks, Kama is constantly on the go whether she is doing TV appearances or major festivals.

    • This girl is everything rolled into one: sensuality, sex, hope, heartbreak, and some good ol’ fashioned phat tracks! So, remember her name: Kama Linden, because she’s coming to your town next!

    Kama Linden Reviews
    "There are some fantastic songs here, Kama has a voice that stands out.... this is a peach of a CD that you really should listen to. We need people like Kama to brighten our lives, so let her in.
    "----Stuart Hamilton, the Rocker

    "From the outset, one can see that this is a songstress who is more than willing (and capable) of wearing her heart on her sleeve. With that sultry, foxy voice the listener is immediately drawn into Kama's world of personal relationships. This is high emotion at its best with the voice and musicianship to go with it. Whatever one's gender, I can guarantee that you'll be able to relate to at least one of these 13 numbers. "
    ------Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7FM

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumentation and vocal prowess displayed on this emotional roller coaster. Linden's vocal range had me visualizing different singers performing her parts..... Young and Pretty is my favorite cut”.
    ------Donnie G. the Rag Mag, NJ

    “The songs are sexy, dominating and an answer to every question you had about life and love. Kama seduces her listeners with her silky voice and sets the tracks against a riveting beat, worthy of having you out of your seat to dance to every song. This is one artist you want to watch for. “
    -----–Heather Corcoran,

    Kama Linden CD
    The new CD is available at CD To listen to the songs simply click on any of the song titles. To purchase CD from our frends at CD click the CD cover to the right.

    1. Waiting
    2. Another Me
    3. I like Who I am
    4. Bitter Lemon (2006)
    5. Young And Pretty
    6. Don't Shut Me Out
    7. One Less
    8. I Can't Stand You
    9. Crossed Over
    10. Uninhibited (2006)
    11. Dare 2 B
    12. Crossed Over Remix
    13. Don't Shut Me Out Remix

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