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    Over 250 pages of CDs with nearly 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent CD sales since opening. We don't actually stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and Peacework Music Network for the sale. We also offer Guitar Kits, T-Shirts and plenty more.
    Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week...

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      Running With The Wind with Bonus Track
      by Kevin Chalfant
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Kevin’s debut solo recording features his signature songwriting sensibilities, a stellar backing band, along with the fan favorites “Love Changes Everything,” “Running With the Wind,” and “Anywhere the Wind Blows.” This Clique Records original was co-produced by Kevin and Chaz Sanford (Stevie Nicks, John Waite) also features Chester Thompson (Genesis) on drums and Willie Weeks (Eric Clapton, George Harrison) on bass.
    Melodic Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, 80's 90's Rock

      Ocean of Emotion
      by Debbie Henning
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $7.97MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Ocean of Emotion is a unique CD in the fact that it is the first 8 songs written by Debbie Henning in the order they were written. She was inspired to write On the Radio after KTNT radio in Oklahoma City announced on the air that they would like to play her music, but it must be original. Written on Sunday, recorded Tuesday, submitted Thursday and on the air Sunday. This first song led to 7 others, several of which have gone #1 in their genre at the former mp3.com.
    All vocals and guitar work by the artist.
    Debbie Henning is a singer,songwriter and an accomplished guitarist. She couples her unique harmonies with 12 and six string acoustic guitars.

      The Plumeria Journey
      by Kay Das
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This eleventh compilation of steel guitar music on the steel guitar portrays a journey. A journey accompanied by the aroma of a tropical flower of sweet-sounding names ) melia, plumeria, frangipani, melati, champa...). It recalls memories of yore, tunes from recent movies, tunes from the 50s and 60s, and some original new tunes of various genres, some new. These are all instrumentals on the steel guitar, on occasions trying to emulate the human voice, on others portraying the unique fluid sound of the steel guitar.
    Steel guitar journey through pop, country, Hawaiian, New Age, introducing new genres of music.

      by The Trist
    Our Price: $9.99 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    The Trist is composed of three players who've known and performed with each other for over 25 years. During that time each has developed a style of musicianship that lends itself to an adult contemporary mix that can be called "Clean Rock". Not quite unplugged - it is a style of music appropriate to accompany a relaxing cup of coffee or al fresco patio dining.

    This trio produces all-original songs that range from light rock story telling to ballads to blues. Songs with a punch and an easy hook to catch your ear. From corporate events to coffee house sets, The Trist is your choice for adult contemporary rock - with energy!
    Adult Contempory Neo-post-modern Quasi-Acoustical Rock.

      World Dance (2 CD Set)
      by Desert Wind
    Our Price: $17.97 CD / $9.97 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This 2-CD set contains over two and a half hours of beautiful original American music with Middle Eastern influences. It is a fabulous tool for dance teachers and students alike who can refer to the CD back for a quick reference to the length and rhythm of each song. Desert Wind is famous for world beat music with jazz, classical, and progressive rock influences.

    This CD set was made in response to dancer requests, and the rhythms include chiftitelli, ayoub (zaar), maqsoum, bolero, slow, medium and fast beladis, funky ayoub, masmoudi, maqsoum, khaleegy, slow and fast karsilama, saidi-swing, libi-rock, celtic jig, saidi-rock, India slow 7/4, tribal waltz, etho-rock, Mid-East funk, and Latin 6/8.
    2 1/2 hours. Passionate world beat music colored with American jazz, classical, and progressive rock influences. Celebrating the true art of bellydance in the real world.

      Reconstructed Moments
      by Marco Torrance
    Our Price: $9.04 CD / $7.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    After one and a half year production time Marco presents his debut album "Reconstructed Moments" on the Dutch Chillout label Cardamar Music. This album includes 9 tracks about things and thoughts, which came along with Marco in the past 10 years. Marco also got some assistance by 2 great musicians. The guitar was played by Volker Kaufmann who is one half of Germany's Easy Listening duo Shaped Signs. The voice and the lyrics on the final track "Behind Closed Eyes" were made by Michelle Richer, a vocalist, musician and philosopher from Washington D.C.

    Finally, it's emotional and epic chillout kissed by trancy sounds, a guitar partly and the wonderful voice of Michelle Richer.
    Chillout kissed by trance and a guitar.

      Keystone/In the Heart of the Adirondacks
      by Blair and Denice Gregson
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Here's a CD with something for everyone. we have been making music as the Keystone Band since the early 80's. Remember when you could put on an album and listen to every song over and over till you wore it out, this is the type of music we produce. When people come back to tell me what song they like best,it's always a different song. Thats how I know that within the lyrics and melodies there's a little something that each individual can identify with. This is our second recording venture it was done by the end of 1998. Our first recordings where done in 1990, that recording we hope to make available as soon as we can. Meanwhile enjoy, Keystone In the Heart of the Adirondacks.
    This CD contains a variety of styles from rock to country to ballads and Latin,but is best described as roots rock.

      My Muse
      by Cliff Eidelman
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    My Muse, a solo song album in which all the music and lyrics are written and performed by Eidelman, was completed in 2006. He is working on a new concert piece currently titled In The Womb. As one of the youngest composers to score a feature film, Eidelman has amassed an impressive body of work for his age. He has created symphonic scores and symphonic poems, musically captured the epic proportions of faith and despair, the whimsies of comic entertainment, and the intimacies of the human heart with a lone guitar, a 100 piece orchestra, a solo piano and every formation in-between. Experience has given him an ease and maturity that allows his creativity to find the musical heart and vocabulary of intimate and epic films, as well as concert pieces and songs. At an age when many composers are just beginning to find their stride, Cliff Eidelman soars while exploring the subtle nuances and bold expanses of his musical gifts.
    Composer of over 30 film scores, Cliff Eidelman creates a collection of evocative intimate songs ranging from poetic ethereal to emotional ballads to the energy of city life. Orchestral mixes with acoustic band instruments.

      Flight Plans
      by Max Highstein
    Our Price: $14.98 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    For over 25 years Max Highstein has created recordings that spark the imagination, and heal the heart. In the mid-80’s he created a series of bestselling music and guided meditation recordings that included the extremely popular Healing Waterfall. In the 90’s his music CDs helped shape the programming of the NAC radio format -— virtually every song from his Touch The Sky and Stars albums were played on The Wave franchises and similar stations for well over a year, and still receive frequent international airplay today.

    Max Highstein’s sound is most noted for creative, interweaving arrangements, strong melodic hooks, and lots of heart. Prior to Flight Plans, all of his music has been instrumental (non-vocal).
    Colorful, conscious "Songs To Help Find Your Wings", with vocals, piano, cello, soprano sax, Spanish guitar and more.

      by Suzanne McNeil
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Connecting the geographical and musical dots in Suzanne McNeil’s young life could get complicated. She was born in Massachusetts, but grew up on the east coast of Canada on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, where making music is as natural as breathing. Her love of people led her to a career in social work, but it was her love of singing that pulled her away from her island home to a life of road tours across the American Midwest---her first true musical journey where she thought she was a little closer to Heaven---getting paid to sing. Thousands of miles and hundreds of performances gave her the chance to hone her talents---her rootsy soulful singing, her jazzy and folk-rock songwriting, and a powerful on-stage charisma most seasoned professions still hope for.
    Soulful rootsy pop with an edge

      West By Southwest
      by Jacob Graff
    Our Price: $12.00 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    If the truth can set us free, then consider this declaration of independence: West by Southwest, nineteen songs by Jacob Graff that shepherd us from the delicate roots of childhood, and pioneer us deep into an eternal wellspring of the soul. Each track is like a mile-marker from that journey, as Graff navigates us toward discovery of the divine by measuring wisdom, gauging love, and calculating truth. There are no stops— only scenic routes through the back-roads of past inspirations like James Taylor and Jimi Hendrix, and scheduled detours to contemporary influences like Sufjan Stevens.
    A conflagration of influences has led Jacob to forge his own voice primarily as a singer-songwriter. He is capable of sheer rip-snortin', soul wrenching old school rock/blues guitar work and vulnerable, ethereal mandolin touches within the same song.

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