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  •  The Virtual Kiosk CD Store

    Over 250 pages of CDs with nearly 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent CD sales since opening. We don't actually stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and Peacework Music Network for the sale. We also offer Guitar Kits, T-Shirts and plenty more.
    Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week...

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    SPIRITUAL: Hebrew
    Want to see MORE SPIRITUAL: Hebrew picks?

      Fine Linen
      by Carolyn Hyde
    Our Price: $11.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    "Fine Linen" is an original collection of worship songs, half in Hebrew and half in English. We like to call it “worship with a touch of the blues.” The song “Fine Linen” has been choreographed by several dance troupes and can be found on www.Tangle.com and www.YouTube.com. Joyfully, this song has been used in many weddings too.

    “Shine” has been sung in children's choirs in Europe. "Cover Me”, “Ha Aretz”, "Your Name is Good", "Clouds of Glory" and “Hu Chai B’Tochi” are worship songs. Produced by Richard Hyde and Marc Chopinsky, this CD features the following musicians: Eliana Aliyah, Sasha Fishman, Andre Levine, Eitan Shishkoff, and other musicians from Tents of Mercy and Morning Star congregations in Israel.
    Worship songs from Israel with a touch of the blues! (Songs are in Hebrew and English)

      Dancing in the Glory - A Journey into Kabbalat Shabbat
      by Nava Tehila
    Our Price: $18.00 CD / $12.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Nava Tehila is an emerging, inclusive spiritual Jewish community based in Jerusalem that brings together people from all backgrounds for joyous prayer. Over the last couple of years we have been blessed with an influx of many new niggunim (holy chants), that are especially suited for singing in community and bringing the presence of Shechina (God) to dwell in our midst.

    Dancing in the Glory is a collection of chants that follow the magical flow of Kabbalat Shabbat. This 16th century kabbalistic ritual for welcoming in the Sabbath is built as a dance between the community and the Divine. In Nava Tehila we interpret the Kabbalat Shabbat service as a spiritual journey that can evoke new experiences every week while following the traditional prayer structure. This journey takes us, by the use of guided kavvanot (intentions), through wonder, struggle, joy, elation, dance, tranquility and eventually to peace.
    New and exciting melodies for Friday night prayers. East meets west, Klezmer meets Flamenco, Reggae and Blues in this beautiful collection of songs and chants from Jerusalem.

      In the Beginning
      by Natasha Kraus-Reynolds
    Our Price: $9.99 CD / $5.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    As a Messianic Jewish believer she began to trust G-d as she was able to better understand how The Creator of the Universe loves us so greatly, that he keeps all of His words and all of His promises from old. It was amazing for her to see how He knew from the beginning how his plan of redemption to the world would be carried out by means of our Jewish Messiah, as it is written in the Tanakh, the book of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 59 verse 20 and expounded in Romans 11.

    Her background has influenced the sound and languages of the songs you will hear, mixing together Alternative Rock, Classical, Middle Eastern, Sephardic and Latin music and the English, Spanish and Hebrew languages. Through this music, she hopes that lives would be moved, people would turn to the one true G-d, the G-d of Israel, and that many would be changed by the liberating power of the Most High to live as “B’nei HaOr” or “Children of the light”, as written in Ephesians 5:8-10."
    A Messianic-Jewish praise album featuring gorgeous female vocals, and mixing together Alternative rock, Middle-Eastern, Sephardic and Latin music, and the English, Spanish, and Hebrew languages.

      Dancing with my Soul
      by Neshama Carlebach
    Our Price: $16.00 CD / $16.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    I read the reviews and thought - can the album really be as wonderful as they claim. Is the music that good? The songs that uplifting? It is and they are. Thinking I needed to enhance my Jewish music collection I purchased a large number of recordings last month, Dancing With My Soul, being one. I listened to all of them. However, I have listened to Dancing With My Soul over and over. Every aspect of this album and Neshama's singing is moving, professional and enjoyable. Even though the album was released a few years ago, I just bought it, so it gets my vote for my "album of the year".
    A mystical blend of classic Hebrew folksongs and new contemporary original music that will uplift your soul.

      by Divahn
    Our Price: $12.99 CD / $8.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Divahn, a word common to Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic, means a collection of songs or poetry. Through its music, Divahn seeks to underscore common ground shared between diverse Middle Eastern cultures and religions. The group captures the breadth and diversity of Mizrakhi and Sephardi music throughout the centuries, while simultaneously creating and redefining innovative directions for the music in the present.

    "A stunning debut! ... Darting, stabbing rhythms, throaty, urgent vocals and intricate and intelligent arrangements, this is a flat-out thrilling record." - The Jewish Week
    Think Jewish music = Klezmer? Then you need to hear Divahn's Middle-Eastern/Sephardic groove. The all-female quartet infuses traditional songs with creative sophistication, using tabla, cello, rabel & other acoustics. Lyrics in Hebrew & Judeo-Spanish.

      by Neshama Carlebach
    Our Price: $16.00 CD / $16.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    I bought this CD along with One and One, Neshama\'s latest. Journey is mostly in Hebrew, which is nice. Neshama sounds absolutely great on Journey. She is a truly gifted singer. The more one listens to this CD, the more you like it. Even the songs without any words are very good. There are songs on the CD, in which you just feel like getting up and participating in a Hora. As much as I like this CD, the latest CD One and One is better, at least for me. It is all in English and is incredible moving. She sounds fantastic and the lyrics really resonate with me, partly becuase I can understand all of them. Neshama is not just a great Jewish singer, she is a great singer!
    A mystical blend of classic Hebrew folksongs and new contemporary original music that will uplift your soul.

      Kabbalah Shekhinah: Restoring the Balance
      by Desert Wind
    Our Price: $14.97 CD / $9.97 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Thanks to the Desert Wind fans who have kept this CD alive, and thanks to Reb Léah Novick for re-kindling Her spirit, Desert Wind now presents "Kabbalah Shekhinah: Restoring the Balance." This is the long awaited digital remaster of Desert Wind's 1993 CD, "Shekhina, Hebrew Goddess: Restoring the Balance." If you own this already, then you have all these songs in analog technology. Digitally enhanced, Kabbalah Shekhinah glorifies the radiant presence of the Feminine Divine.

    Desert Wind embraced Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism long before the recent surge in popularity of Kabbalah. With the new title may those in search find their way to "Kabbalah Shekhinah: Restoring the Balance."
    Exhilarating spirituality for all who seek elevated levels in Kabbalistic Jewish mysticism and a celebration of the feminine divine.

      Forever Blessed
      by Robbie Solomon
    Our Price: $11.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Robbie Solomon is an internationally known composer of liturgical music and Jewish choral settings. He is also well-known as a singer and song-writer for the Jewish band, Safam. His song, Leaving Mother Russia, 1979, put him on the map as a skilled interpreter of Jewish issues. Robbie resides in Lexington, Massachusetts where he serves as cantor at Temple Isaiah. The twelve pieces on the CD, Forever Blessed, are all either for solo voice or two voices. They are performed by Cantor Solomon along with other well-known American cantors, including Benjie-Ellen Schiller, Jackie Mendelson, and Elias Rosemberg. They can be used in liturgical settings or concerts.
    Original Jewish liturgical music by Cantor Robbie Solomon beautifully sung and orchestrated in a variety of styles from traditional chazzanut to contemporary ballads to sephardic jazz. It is a spiritual journey that will leave you feeling forever blessed.

      by C Lanzbom
    Our Price: $12.00 CD / no MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    C LANZBOM is one of the most powerful, creative and emotional guitarists in the country, a man capable of effortlessly moving between a myriad of styles and blending them all with his distinctly exotic flair. There's a defining grace in everything he plays, bringing a comforting familiarity to his music, whether it's his work as a solo artist or anchoring his beloved band, SOULFARM.
    A mixture of soulful, percussion laced, Latin, Hebrew, and World Beat instrumentals, featuring percussionists Jeff Haynes (The Pat Metheny Group), and Gilad (Al Di Meola).

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