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SPIRITUAL: Southern Gospel

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    Over 250 pages of CDs with nearly 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent CD sales since opening. We don't actually stock or sell the CDs, we simply list each CD by genre and link the visitor to websites such as CD Baby and Peacework Music Network for the sale. We also offer Guitar Kits, T-Shirts and plenty more.
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    SPIRITUAL: Southern Gospel

      You Gotta To Give An Account At The Judement
      by Bishop Rogers Jr
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Wfmo. Wagr, area Co-ordinator/Director: Bishop Rogers Jr. was born in dillon county, south carolina, in a small town call little rock, s.c. Bishop Rogers was very successful in the charter bus business for over 12 years, Bishop has been in radio industry for just over 14 years. He has served as a program director at inspirational 860 am, Wfmo-fairmont n.c. for over 4 years.

    In the year of 1967 Bishop Rogers and the Rogers Brothers starts singing for the Lord, as they continue singing for 23 years, after that his brothers decided to quite singing, but Bishop Rogers regroup and started the new golden gates and know they are singing for the lord, after his brothers quite the lord has given him a song honor thy father and mother, and this song has made a hit in 1996 on the southern gospel.
    Bishop Rogers singing is mix with black gospel and Southern gospel. God has anointed himto sing gospel songs so they may be a healing to soul's of mankind both young and old throughout the whole world.

      Lord Save A Seat for Me
      by Queen City Messengers
    Our Price: $12.97 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Lead vocalist, Jay Rogers started when he was 15 years old at a church in Anderson, SC. The church had a youth camp that he attended every year. The youth camp had a talent show and a camp sponsor encouraged him to enter the talent show. He was reluctant to enter, because the only thing he knew was how to play the guitar. He performed at the talent show and won. The prize for winning was to perform at the Baptist convention held at the Greenville Memorial Auditorium in Greenville, SC. Jay performed at the Baptist convention and received a standing ovation. This made him feel great and after receiving the standing ovation, he knew it was his destiny to perform for the Lord and the people. This is what he decided to do for the remainder of his life.
    Southern Gospel,Gospel Quartet, Traditional Gospel and Contemporay Gospel music.

      Faith That Pays Off
      by James McMickin
    Our Price: $13.99 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Evangelist James H. McMickin was born March 27, 1966 in Russellville, AL. He has called Jasper, AL his home since December of 1977. It was there that he graduated from Walker High School in 1984 as a member of the National Honor Society. Upon graduation, Bro. James evangelized part-time while holding a part-time grocery store job with lenient hours to suit his calling, until he launched into full-time evangelism January 1, 1989. He upset several of his high school teachers with his decision to put his calling ahead of college. That does not mean he has not continued his education--he is an avid reader.
    A blend of Southern Gospel and Country Gospel.

      One Cross
      by Terry Davis
    Our Price: $15.95 CD / $15.95 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    As a native of Amarillo, Texas, I have sung most of my life, mainly in gospel groups or settings. I'm a member of the Country Gospel Music Association (CGMA),the Christian Country Music Association(CCMA),as well as a member of ASCAP.In May,1998,I was awarded the "Outstanding Male Performer of the Year" award, presented by the Country Music Talent Association (CMTA). I was also instrumental in the production of and performing in a "Branson" style show called a "Musical Review of Old Route 66" that was performed in the summers of 1999 and 2000 in the "Cowboy Palace" at the Big Texan Steak Ranch,Amarillo,Tx. I am currently the music director for "The Country Church" of Amarillo.
    Eight original songs that lean towards the Country/Southern Gospel style of music that presents an uplifting spiritual message to cheer the soul.

      Leaving On My Mind
      by Mike Davis
    Our Price: $12.97 CD-R / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    A Gospel music CD with a real country flavor. Songs done the old fashioned way - COUNTRY! If you like music from the gospel artists of the 70\'s and 80\'s, you\'ll want to listen to this album.

    We picked our favorite Gospel songs, including one written by Mike, put that together with one of the best country music voices around,and you\'ve got what we think is one of the best Christian music albums available.

    I received my CD in record-breaking time. And I really enjoy it. He does a great job!

      Reunion Day
      by The Atkins Family
    Our Price: $12.99 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    A southern, country sound that will bless all ages. It will be a Reunion Day when we all get to heaven. What a blessing this CD has be to many through out the years. Hope and pray that it will be a blessing to you

      by Art Kistler
    Our Price: $15.00 CD / $15.00 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    Nationally acclaimed Minnesota Elvis Tribute Artist/Impersonator Art Kistler is a professionally trained vocalist, veteran entertainer and recording artist. Art is a charter member of the Professional Elvis Impersonators Association of Las Vegas. Art has won many talent competitions and participated in numerous international Elvis Impersonator events. Art performs with heart and soul, revealing his faith, and consistently impressing audiences as he authentically and effectively conveys his respect for the memory of the "King of Rock and Roll" through his fun, high energy and impressive performances.
    Southern gospel in the style of Elvis Presley.

      Thank The Lord
      by Dave Foraker
    Our Price: $13.00 CD / $9.99 MP3 Album Download
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    It is only very recently that I came across the music of Dave Foraker. He definitely has a story to tell, so check out his website. Foraker's style is a fusion of gospel and blues. One website I found refers to it as "Bluesified Southern Gospel." It fits! It's quite a unique combination and makes for one of the most unusual gospel recordings I've come across in a long time, but I must say it really comes together quite well.
    Bluesified Southern Gospel

      "The wait is over"
      by Sensational Harris Brothers
    Our Price: $14.99 CD
    Usually ships in 1-2 days
    This product is an anointed and powerful instrument of praise to God. The title speaks the sentiment of many hearts as they have for music such as this. Listen to this powerful testimony of praise and you will be blessed completely through and through with the presentation of every song.
    What an awesome blessing!!! This cd is produced "live", so get ready to dance or shout. Some you will want to just sit and listen and be blessed spiritually by the beautiful music and harmony of this group as they sing God's praises.

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