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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  Karl Kalbaugh on EvO:R

    Karl Kalbaugh is EvOR's resident Didgeridoo player. The didgeridoo is an Aboriginal instrument from Australia. I had no idea what a Didgeridoo is so I though I would add a small and limited description to the beginning of this page.

    A Didgeridoo is possibly the oldest known wind instrument, traditionally made from eucalyptus branches or saplings. Then, naturally hollowed by termites. The shape and size determine the sound and pitch of the instrument. Wax will sometimes be used at a large end to fashion the mouthpiece. Karl, please feel free to add other information you feel necessary to this description.

    The inspiration behind Karl Kalbaugh's debut CD, "Terra Nova", comes from more than just his love of music; it comes, quite simply, from his love of the human race. Terra Nova, which is derived from the Latin and literally means "New Earth", isn't just a forum for displaying Karl's musical talents. Rather, he uses the project as a platform for articulating his passion about one of society's major issues: world peace. "The enormity (of world peace) overtakes the capability of words. What governments can not articulate, possibly music, the universal language, can. Perhaps in some small way, the music of Terra Nova can reach beyond boundaries, prejudice, hatred... and help plant the seed that bears the fruit of world peace," reads a portion of the CD liner.

    An eclectic mixture of gospel-inspired rock, world, ambient and classical, much of the instrumentation for Terra Nova's 10 cuts are performed by Karl himself, in addition to a number of guest musicians (Lim Peacock, Eric Heiberg, Pete Barnhart, and Susan Kalbaugh) and vocalist Miranda Hoof. According to Karl, the music is "meant to evoke thoughts about world peace; what does it take on an individual level, and, ultimately, the rewards of sustained peace with our neighbors in the world."

    In the beginning, Karl took a highly experimental track, combining live multitrack overdubs with keyboards, didgeridoo, voice, flute, various ethnic instruments, and sound design elements, like the song of humpback whales and thunderstorms. "It really was a matter of trying various instruments, sounds, and rhythms," explains Karl. "I recorded a number of pieces that I later threw out because they didn't fit into what the CD was evolving into - it evolved into something that really defies classification, a genre bender, you could say."Just how did "Terra Nova" come to be?"

    According to Karl, much of the inspiration for the project came from one of his favorite books of all time, "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. "My inspiration also came from Gibran fans. One day, while surfing the web, I came across a site dedicated to Gibran. In the site's guest book section, I noticed gentle words from Gibran readers from literally all over the world. Even people from nations that were at odds with each other. It was a powerful inspiration." In the "spirit" of Terra Nova all proceeds of the sale of the CD go to "Stop Hunger Now", a world hunger relief organization in which all operational expenses like office space, staff salary and mailings are underwritten by a corporate sponsor (the Hewitt Foundation) so that all donated monies can go to hunger relief efforts throughout the world.

    "The personal reward for completing the CD is getting to express myself and having some people like it," says Karl. I decided a long time ago that the expression was the important part, not the money. By contributing whatever proceeds the CD makes to Stop Hunger Now, I am doubly gratified. The CD will be distributed internationally by LA Outback and will be available on their website.

    The feel of most of Karl's music is reminiscent of nature. He brings the sounds of nature to the forefront, and uses it as a basis for his music. Karl is also a Television Sound Designer. You may have heard his work on the National Geographic Channel or your local PBS station. He has produced music and has played the Didgeridoo. You can go to the National Geographic web page and listen to some of his music. When I hear someone's music I want to say, "they sound like," with Karl it's not that simple. You hear the jazz influences in his music, but the unmistakable sounds of nature are always there. His music is relaxing without putting you to sleep. Interesting without being wild and overbearing. If you are looking for a good melody with a primal impulse take a listen to Karl Kalbaugh.
    CD offer
    Terra Nova
    Karl Kalbaugh
    Available at CD Baby and Peacework Music
    Artist proceeds from Terra Nova go to Stop Hunger Now!
    Inspired by "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, Terra Nova is a musical journey... describing a world re-made in peace!

    Television Sound Designer, Karl Kalbaugh, unleashes his wizardry to create Terra Nova; a musical experience rooted in Art Rock of the 1970's but wrapped in World of the 21st Century!

    To hear a sample simply click on the song title.
    To order CD, click the CD cover.

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