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J.D.A. Songs
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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  J.D.A. on EvO:R

    I remember the first time I heard anything from J.D.A. It was when their first CD was out and I downloaded a couple tunes from MP3.com. The band had a mixure of 60-70s british pop and the flare of a progressive rock band begging to be released. I asked the band to join EvO:R shortly after listening to the downloads and they have been a valuable addition to the EvO:R family ever since.

    J.D.A. has been a long standing member of the EvO:R organization. Joel joined our group when radio personality Frank Cotolo suggested that they contact us in late 1999. From those early beginnings I have witnessed the birth and maturation of this group of talented musicians. They may not be billboard material or pretty enough for Rolling Stone cover art but the music will move you and enlighten your imagination. The band was rewarded with EvO:R's highest honor as they where inducted into the Elite Veterans Of Rock following the release of the CD 'Through a Moving Window.' I am honored to have this fine band associated with my website and am proud to call them friends...Charlie Harrelson founder of EvO:R.
    Joel Pirard has been playing, writing, and recording original rock music for years, as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. Over the course of that time he has played onstage with the Vic Hennegan Project, most notably opening for the band Til Tuesday, opened for Todd Rundgren's Utopia, with ORION, and performed at various venues and small theatres along the NY/NJ/CT area. As a member of ORION he contributed to well over one third of the band's original music, and after ORION split in 1981, met DON PITZ Joel and Don played together in ALASKA, (featuring Dan Palladino), Tombstone and ANTHEM. In 1985, Joel answered a call for a keyboardist for THE ALIENZ, where he met ARNO TIETJE. Arno and Joel soon became fast friends, and thus the seeds of JDA were sown.

    Fast forward to 1992, Joel's band AVALON USA had run it's course as an active performing unit, but the writing bug was still running rampant. Along with the SEVEN SOURCES solo project, Joel also teamed up with Arno, and Don seperately several times to record tunes, until the fateful day in 1995 when they collectively recorded a version of Time Will Tell and Dead Boys, (both written by Arno, and eventually released on Through A Moving Window) This planted the seed for good. Soon Don was putting together a studio at his parents home, and he invited Joel and Arno to check it out. So excited were they at working together that they recorded (for fun) an entire CD of BEATLE songs.

    Don Pitz is JDA's primary lead vocalist. He also plays keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion. Don first encounter Joel in the band ALASKA, and when that band folded they both seperately auditioned for a local hot cover band called ANTHEM, and as luck would have it, both got in! The fates had spoken, although it would be a number of years before Don and Joel would work together as JDA. Don was an integral part of several bands, notably THE CLAMOUR, and continued playing with them for a quite some time.

    During this period, Don was also writing and performing with various people, so it was very natural for he and Joel to record periodically. At the same time Joel had been playing with THE ALIENZ and introduced Don to Arno, so the association as born which lead eventually to the formation of JDA.

    Having performed live with Joel at the first EVOR concert gathering, and then in Boston for the second, Don is looking forward to the day when JDA performs live, with a complete band lineup, to "do the songs justice". Any takers?

    Arno Tietje is the primary lead guitarist in JDA. His fluid style and keen ear lends itself wonderfully to band's music. Arno also sings, plays bass, percussion, lap steel guitar, and harmonica. Arno also writes much of JDA's material, and is a gifted arranger. He played in many bands over the years, working all the time, but the JDA association began with Joel joining Arno's band THE ALIENZ. Following the ALIENZ, Arno and Joel recorded a number of original musical ideas together, but never quite getting to the point of wanting to form new musical entity, until he and Don recorded with Joel.

    In 1997, when JDA first recorded the BEATLE CD that was never released, the real 'magic' was born. So well did all of the guys get along, that it was almost inevitable that they would start to write together. The rest is history, still in the making.

    Christopher Scott (drums, vocals) has worked the club scene in Rock and Top 40 bands over the years. His influences in drummng range from Dino Dinelli and Carmine Appice the the great Buddy Rich.He has fused these influences into his own style while studying with jazz legend Elvin Jones.

    Chris has worked with Vince Martell (Vanilla Fudge) for many years and Robert Sarzo (Hurricane). He has both road and studio experience to spare. After being sidelined for more than a year.

    THE JDA PROJECT is thrilled to have Chris back! He also is an accomplished vocalist and adds an extra dimension to the JDA sound

    Lawrence Lipsen studied trumpet and piano during his childhood then began playing electric bass at the age of sixteen. While in college Lawrence majored in classical guitar studies and performed many solo concerts.

    Lawrence is a native of Lexington, Mass. where he has played in rock and blues bands in and around Boston, Denver, San Francisco, and New York. On occasion, he will do solo performances on classical guitar.

    Currently, a resident of Edgewater NJ, Lawrence is serving as music director of the Edgewater Music and Arts Council. J.D.A.'s sound has reached another level with his addition to the band.

    J.D.A. Discology

    A Fine Time"...along come JDA, who are brilliantly derivative and take their influences into the depths of their music. Although 'Sleepyhead' is at times an influential backfire--making us want to go back and hear Nillson's 'Gotta Get Up' instead--the product in lyric and construction is fine and has all the flavor of the '60s-'70s wonder years of pop. In 'A Fine Time' and 'The Piper Leads The Children,' JDA is more original without leaving their Brit-Pop roots. Having lived in England some years back, this tune reminded me of walks on the moors, dinners in rural pubs and the shrinking pound years. Took me somewhere. That's good. 'What Has Gone Before,' I assume, is titled to refer to sounds of the Brit-Pop wonder years. If not, it works out fab, because this instrumental medley of sounds is an aural documentary of famous '60s rock album 'feels.' Harrison slide-guitar riffs, Moody Blues embellished movements, Blind Faith pianos, you name it. Again, however, we listen and become melancholy to take out the Traffic LP and hear 'Hole In My Shoe.' To younger ears the sounds JDA that paint over dried colors of sound do not matter in their similarity. My son, while listening to JDA's 'Sleepyhead,' was humming away to its catch. He, of course, has never been so exposed to Harry Nillson that he would pick up on the influence. All this being equal, JDA produces and writes some memorable tunes, even if they bring to memory others like them."....Frank Cotolo

  • Available on line from CD Baby and Peacework Music.

  • THROUGH A MOVING WINDOW...JDA returns with THROUGH A MOVING WINDOW, having grown musically, and with a new collection of songs, each unique and special, yet somehow linked to each other. Fueled by a concept that life is an ever changing panorama, the moving windows of our lives often merge, allowing experiences to coalesce, almost photgraphical in nature. We love, we laugh, we cry. Moments remind us of our past, and we honor those who influenced us.

    These concepts and more are explored on this new ALBUM of musical images, with a solid musical kick, and a natural progress for this group. From the anthem of 'The Change Will Do You Good', the haunting 'The Door' or, 'For A Moment She Believes', we are treated to a buffet of musical treats. Sample 'Who SHe Was, The Tide Has Turned Away. or the psychedelic treat 'And She Knows'. Rockers like 'Time Will Tell' and 'No More Goodbyes' and 'Blues Hand' will please, and epics such as 'Dead Boys' and 'Hail to the Conquering Heroes' will impress!

  • Available on line from CD Baby and Peacework Music.

  • syzygy
    Pronunciation: (siz'i-jE), [key]
    1. Astron.an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet: Syzygy in the sun-earth-moon system occurs at the time of full moon and new moon.
    syzygy...Once agan into the breach JDA triumphs with a new collecton of tunes to grove you, tunes to move you and tunes to stimulate your mind and memories. A wonderful brew of pop sensibility, rock crunch, true honest emotions, melodic sense and lyrical.
  • Available on line from CD Baby and Peacework Music.

  • Dropstones... This is the fourth cd for this band and the creative force remains the same, in the embodiment of Joel Pirard, Don Pitz and Arno Tietje. Continuing in what has become a tradition, the music has grown, the diversity has spawned a whole new collection. Almost three years in the making. Check it out!

    This album also marks the first release under the new moniker, The JDA Project.

  • Available on line from CD Baby and Peacework Music Network.

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