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Upcoming Shows and Events:

Turnage Show Video links
Last August the Garrett Band rocked the Carolina's with a show at the classic Turnage Theater. Below are links to videos of the band playing a few of their greatest songs. Click the song title below to access the video.

  • Cookin' Blues
  • Wicked Lady
  • Don't Say It's Over

  • Garrett Rocks the Turnage Theater
    By Julia Stephenson

    On August 30, 2008, the Pamlico Playhouse presented “An Evening of Rock-n-Blues” with Garrett and special guests Root Cellar. This event was the first rock concert to come to the Turnage Theater. Many audience members have said it was the most rocking, heart-pounding performance of the summer season.

    Marti Buchanan, president of the Pamlico Playhouse, said, “I was extremely pleased with the overall turnout of the concert. There was such positive energy from everyone present; it was a wonderful experience for our group of volunteer people to come together and sponsor local talent to the Turnage Theater. Those that did not come to see Garrett and Root Cellar missed out on a fantastic show.”

    Garrett, Washington’s own hometown group of talented musicians, is fronted by the husband and wife songwriting team of William Garrett (guitar and vocals) and Nannette Garrett (bass guitar and vocals) with an up and coming 17 year old drummer, Will Cratch. Special guests Root Cellar, and opening act for the evening, also consist of husband and wife instrumentalists David Irvin (guitar and vocals) and Stephanie Irvin (drums) of Williamston. Members of Root Cellar include David’s brother Rob Irvin (guitar) and Ricky Ethridge (guitar and bass) of Williamston.

    To begin the show, Root Cellar performed music from the glory days of rock, including songs by Credence Clearwater Revival, Rolling Stones, The Eagles, The Band, and even some Johnny Cash. After a brief intermission, The Who’s “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” filled the theater. At the sound of the infamous scream, the house lights went out and the crowd went wild. The curtains opened as the Garrett started up their first set of gutsy blues-rock with Robin Trower classics “Too Rolling Stoned” and “Rise Up Like the Sun”. Originals like “Wicked Lady”, “Hard-Lovin’ Woman”, and “Cookin’ Blues” struck a match and lit the fuse of fans’ musical taste buds. Other crowd pleasers included Trower’s “Day Dream” and “Bridge of Sighs”, which displayed William’s exquisite guitar playing and Nannette’s silky smooth vocals. The couple’s phenomenal harmonies swooned and grasped the emotions of present listeners. Will Cratch kept the beat in style on his cool set of Pearls.

    While the first half placed an intimate feel for the audience, the rest of the evening was more energetic. In the second set, the trio returned to the stage with harder edge songs such as “One Way to Rock”, “Tush”, and the notorious “Magic Man”. The combination of Nannette’s sky voice, William’s blazing guitar solos, and Will’s thunderous double bass skills portrayed a delicious feast for the ears, and proved their astounding musical abilities.

    At the climactic point of “Wheel in the Sky”, the couple stepped off the stage and let Cratch take the spotlight for his innovative drum solo. Mixing some rock, jazz, and tribal rhythms to his unique showpiece, he worked the crowd into clapping in time with him. To everyone’s surprise, the Garretts returned, and they fell back into the Journey song effortlessly. The group also played some of their original material, such as the memorable, guitar-driven “Fallin’” and the melodiously moving “Cry For Justice”.

    “The sound in the balcony was stellar,” said David Irvin. “The sound quality was fantastic and everything was beautifully balanced.” Tim Ryan of Spirit Photography said, “The show was awesome! I really enjoyed it. ‘Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’’ is probably one of my all-time favorites. That made my night.” Whether or not the audience were fans of these two local rock bands, it is safe to say that everyone got their money’s worth and were fully entertained. Adrianne Hardy of Washington said, “The show was an awesome blend of rock and blues that is a must see! Nannette's amazing pipes, William's hot leather pants (as well as his awesome guitar skills), and Will's kick-ass drum performance gave me chill bumps! We enjoyed this different and amazing style of music more than your average local band and are ready to see them rock on again real soon!” Concert goers were not only from the Beaufort County area, but some came from Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and Manhattan to attend this rockin’ Labor Day weekend show.

    Sandy Winstead-Weaver of Myrtle Beach said, “I drove 5 hours to see Garrett at the Turnage Theater and after seeing their spectacular performance, it was well worth the trip. From the acoustics in the theater to the mixture of rock-n-roll and blues, the threesome known as Garrett exceeded my expectations. I look forward to seeing them again and again.” The attendees’ ages ranged from seven to 75 years old. The concert proved that rock-n-roll appeals to all age groups and is still very much alive today.

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