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Snakes n Angels
Back 2 The Weasel Ranch

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Snakes n Angels
Scenes from a 100 Acre Wood

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William Garrett
William Garrett

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Upcoming Shows and Events:

Turnage Show Video links
Last August the Garrett Band rocked the Carolina's with a show at the classic Turnage Theater. Below are links to videos of the band playing a few of their greatest songs. Click the song title below to access the video.

  • Cookin' Blues
  • Wicked Lady
  • Don't Say It's Over

  • Cookin' Blues
    Live August 2008

    Don't Say It's Over
    Live August 2008

    William Garrett

    Wicked Lady
    Live August 2008

    Band News:

    GARRETT has been getting alot of airplay on XPR in Birmingham,England over the last couple weeks.They have 4 songs in rotation and 'Don't Say It's Over' was #3 on their TOP 20 charts.We've had alot of fans appear from the UK on youtube, twitter& facebook since the songs have been on air. We now have 4 other stations there requesting our cd. Cool, huh?

    We're still in pre-production for the new cd. William has been working hard daily getting his tone right and finishing up endings for songs,etc.....We have a few parties that have expressed interest in working with us in a producers' capacity that we're very excited about.

    We've also had some renewed interest in 'Cookin' Blues' on youtube recently as well. We have a female artist that is recording 'Destiny' in a Patsy Cline version.We look forward to hearing that as she presents it to the record execs she works with. We are hoping to have a show at the Turnage Theater again this year and we'll be updating you on that as soon as we know.

    Garrett on the Radio:

  •  Sunday at 10pm April 11th, The Dalila Robin Show will be hosting a GARRETT Listening Party on her radio show. The Dalila Robin Show Dalila Robin talks about music, health, relationships, finances, and community engagement.

    After April 10th the show will be archived. Click here to listen to the program.

  •  Stations will be playing 'A Cry For Love'., WBNK-KTTY-KLOW, KePadre KXXN, The Eagle KZGL, New Bern, NC. plus, a station in California is playing 'Wicked Lady' and 'Save Your Love'.

  •  Garrett has been getting a lot of airplay in Birmingham, England.
    XRP Music Studios have been playing 6-7 of the bands songs daily.

    They're on and have about 2,000 listeners.
    The band has gotten alot of UK fans hitting them since they added Garrett Band to the playlist.

  •  Listen to "Cry for Love" on Women of Substance Radio.
    New Show "Music With A Conscience".
    This is the type of show Women of Substance Radio is all about. From musical sentiments of hope, to songs whose raw emotion elicits rage or unexpected tears, to lyrics that are controvercial and thought (and action) provoking, these artists know how to expose the heart of vital issues with their music. This show tackles many issues: war/peace, homelessness, morality, the environment, domestic violence, aging and more. You won't want to miss this lineup that will air EVERY WED, SAT & SUN from 3-7 PM EST (noon-4 PM PST) throughout the month of March.

  • Garrett Additional News and Notes:

  •  You can find Garrett on Twitter! It's at

  •  This is a link to GARRETT's youtube channel for the Robin Trower songs,'Day of the Eagle' and 'Bridge of Sighs'. It has been favorited by Robin Trower's Official page.
    Day of the Eagle Live

  •  Here is a link to vote for us to play at Vans Warped Tour in VA. Beach this year.
    Fans can vote daily!

  •  Please, please forward this to all your friends to get them to vote for us to play in Va. in July!!!!!!!!! 14th Ernie Ball Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands.

    View Garrett's Sonicbids EPK
    View Garrett's EPK
  • Show us your Garrett, send us pictures of you and your friends wearing
our Garrett gear Show us your Garrett:

    Show us Your Garrett features plenty of crazed Garrett fans wearing their favorite Garrett clothing. If you have been to one of our shows and have pictures of you and your friends wearing our shirts PLEASE take a picture and send it to us. All pictures will be published on this website. We are very excited to see all the great photos.
  • She some of our fans in their official Garrett Band clothing!
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