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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  Eve's Regret on EvO:R

    Tim Arnold has been a long standing member of the EvO:R organization. His band Eve's Regret has been a welcome addition to our band and artist offerings and we where proud to vote the band into the Elite Veterns Of Rock in 2004. We look forward to this bands next studio release.

    Eve's Regret
    Formed in 1995, Eve's Regret gained a following as a band with no limits. From the drum inspired "Paradox", to the heavy and melodic "Purple Room", Eve continues to write without boundaries and has become one of the longest lasting acts in the San Francisco Bay area. The Band was signed to Blind Lizard Productions and given a small sum of money to record on. At this point they took the money and built their own studio, and released their first full length CD "Saving Detroit" on December 1st 2000. The band is currently writing and recording their next effort " I don't recall asking" scheduled for release very soon.

    " The album Saving Detroit should put Eve's Regret well over the top. I think this new album puts Eve's Regret, head and shoulders above the rest. From the heart pounding drive of Forceful Living the intricate rhythms of Green Bean, to the mood of Under The Rock, Eve's Regret has again re-invented themselves as the coolest band of their genre".
    Sam Goodal, Vermont Grapevine.

    What can I say about Eve's Regret, except THEY ROCK! They always put on a great show and I am counting the hours (minutes) until their new CD comes out. Kari is one of the best female vocalists in the Bay Area and even with a cold she soared, Backed by a tight rhythm section and Kimi providing some sweet harmonies,they sounded incredible as usual. this is one band you cant afford to miss.

    Holy smokes!! this band takes a back seat to no one. from the 1995 release of "Damn That Hurt" to the 2000 Release of "Saving Detroit" I could tell this was not your average Alterna-crap shit bands. this is true alternative Rock and roll! A heavy blend of new meets old, this band has put it all together. Eve's regret is the new Progressive Alternative.
    Cami Sexton, Slam Magazine

    Powerfully and emotionally delivered female fronted Rock. The promotional tunes I have received from "I don't Recall asking" are by far the best of Eve. This band will draw you in and never let go. Its no wonder I have A fan of Eve's Regret for the better part of ten years.
    Bridgit Camp. Hot off the presses

    From the opening tune to the very last, Eve's Regret kept me on edge. Part performance art part rock and roll and always as progressive as Euclidian Geometry ,this bands knows exactly what to do. One night with Eve and you too will sing their praises.
    Reverend J.T. baker, Simple Selection Magazine

    Band Members
    Adam Hemsley-bass,
    More about the artist. Adam started playing bass in 1989 because of the bass solo in the song "Orion" off of Master of Puppets by Metallica. Adam studied classical composition, jazz, improvisation, and music theory. Adam enjoys pushing the envelope musically and listens to bands like Metallica, VoiVod, and Tool. Adam sees the bass guitar as more than a background instrument and also likes to get involved in the recording aspects as well. "Being involved in the technical side of recording is vital to making a musical vision become reality". After playing with Tim for six years Adam believes that Eve has an actual rhythm section, something not too many bands have anymore. This is something unique in modern popular music and adds a lot of continuity to Eve's music.

    David Langford - Lead guitar,
    David joined Eve after the departure of the original lead guitarist in 1996. He has told the story numerous times about how the band found him after a show one night in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district, sitting on a street corner strumming a three-string guitar and feeding his dog chow mien. Eve offered him a place in the band if he would take a shower. The addition of David to the band has allowed the band to take on more diverse material.
    David listens to Creed, Metallica, and Tool. His favorite guitar is PRS and EVH Wolfgang.

    Tim Arnold
    Tim Arnold -Drums,
    Tim, the founder of Eve's Regret, who had played in numerous cover bands over the years including the Bay Area's Powerhouse and Arrhythmia, soon found himself tiring of the local club scene. He took time off to immerse himself into the Bay's premier recording arts program. The goal was to learn the trade, assemble artists and writers and record original music without the constant hassle of the club scene. After four years he found two other members, assembled a power trio, and intended to act as producer, engineer, and at that time the main lyric writer. Soon a problem became evident, great music, but no one in the band could sing. Once Kari filled this spot Eve's Regret was ready for the club scene as Tim's first original band. Tim's influences include Rush, Tool, and ELP. Favorite drums are Sonor.

    Kimi Bewley
    Kari Cole - Rhythm Guitar and lead vocals
    Kari has been playing guitar for a number of years, mostly rock standards. Her first involvement with Eve's Regret was that of vocal coach and helping with melody lines. Soon after the band started working on the first studio album Kari was invited to join the band as full time vocalist and rhythm guitarist. She fell into the roll rather quickly and began writing and arranging new material, interjecting more softer sounds. As time has passed Kari has become quite adept at leading the band through more complex arrangements.

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