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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment

If you're here then U R the Star of the day, a creature of wonder, a work in progress!!! DU DU AH comes out to play, with anyone who can handle this kind of fun. Are U ThE 1? You obviously attract only the finest of company*!* So. so.. SO...Join us! 'THIS YA ROCK-REGGAE-FUNK-O-MATIC ATTITUDE SENDING POSITIVE VIBES 2 DA MULTITUDE!- SING YOUR BODY ELECTRIC - STREAM YOUR MUSIC ECLECTIC! - MayJAH a.k.a G-ZeuSS/DzizUS

DU DU AH was started by two guys in NYC : Dejan Kostic a.k.a Mayjah, at the time attending songwritting course at "Parsons School of Design" & Wayne Adams. Influenced by arrival of Hip Hop, that first phase was more about "soundscapes" & Rap, using guitars, bass, rhythm machines & vocals (Kostic's world),keys, synths & vocals (Wayne's world). After returning to Belgrade, Dejan disbanded his still popular "New Wave" outfit; called the "I Group". The band with 2 singles, 1 E.P & 2 Abums , all on PGP-RTS; Serbia's biggest label.

It was a risky move, knowing that "I Group" was doing well in Yugoslavia and even sold 10.000 copies; on Russian-tough to break- market. "New York experience actually brought me back to my James Brown/Sly & The Family Stone/Spencer Davies Group/Motown/Stax/Atlantic roots."-Dejan.

Vuk -Sax & Keys stepped in to replace Adams. That phase was "crowned" by "Me Tarzan You Jane" limited edition EP for major YU label: PGP RTS. Innovative yet radio friendly, "Tarzan" was by YU standards huge succes. It was the first Rap/Toast track to be released in Eastern Europe. Enters "Primitive Dance" full length Album, by YU standards FM Radio friendly and very successful (sold 10.000+ copies), showing Dejan P.A. Kostic's songwriting talent in it's full (f)light.

DU DU AH was moving into more song oriented direction. Meanwhile playing gigs throughout Eastern Europe and oddly enough club dates in Cairo, Egypt. Recording hit single "Romance" for Croatian "Jugoton" label brought DU DU AH even larger audience and playing larger halls. Many appearances on National and local TV stations throughout ex-Yugoslavia.

During the Balkan Wars Band was strongly engaged in pro-peace benefit appearances;getting banned from most radio and TV stations. In mid 90's recording album "Ritual" for small indie record label. Currently promoting latest "Eloquent Delinquents" album as one man band consisting of Dejan P.A. Kostic A.K.A. Mayjah: Songwriter/Guitar,Keys/Programming/Vocals.

DU DU AH, formerly known as DU DU A is a team led by Dejan Kostic - professional artist w/dozen of albums, EPs & singles released on major ex-YUgoslavian labels. Operating in: Alternative Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae, FunK flaved, Jazz whipped - sonic universe. Adventurously crossing musical genres, avoiding common places while twisting/bending Pop cliches with elegance & humor. Sophisticated primitive - bringing Balkan passion to mainstream glitter. Cited in Yu Rock encyclopedia as one of the most influential alternative acts.

I dislike mystifying BS, but REALity is: it is a powaful cultchAH crossing mantra & it truely did hit me from *ABOVE*! HowzDat, since "dudu" is not exactly associated with steppin' in2 HIgher ground - DU-B-ous talking?! Meister MayJAH thus spaketh: nAH, I went 4 it after finishing the first demo & it's chant-like chorus contained DU-DU-Ah phrase that worked like miracle. Rationaly: it has a ring to it & it's sound; resembling early R&B/Pop "DU wop" vocal style was a plus. Here comes tha P-line: finding out w\clear head that *DU DU AH* happens to be an ancient Tibetan chant, also sounding like a part of Islamic prayer - instead of stroking my ego; strenghtened my dedication to majestic music-making craft.
Click the song title to link to their MP3 download page.
Beyond Delite - LoveSexy Track, erotic & exotic - in sublime fashion.

Y/Why - Wicked, hard driving loop, jazzy piano chords, psychedelic guitars, analog synths & Dervish chants. Strong melodies dominate the song from intro to chorus. Reched #1 on European genre charts.

Lava - Melodic Ragga with Dubwise details. Phat bass interplaying with rimshot accented reggae beat + clean, subtle guitars, "against tha beat" brass themes; spiced up w/analog synth sizzling noises & slide guitar details - all laying in Ah pro mix.

CD Offer
Du Du Ah is currently working on Internet distribution with both of our on-line partners, CD Baby and Peacework Music Network. Once this is completed we will be linking you to the bands CD offerings.
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