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    Over 250 pages of CDs with more then 4,000 artists listed in this Virtual Mall. The EvO:R Virtual CD Mall has been responsible for over 10,000 Independent CD sales since our opening. As an Independent artist, CD sales are a vital part of the artists ability to continue to write and record quality music. EvO:R is proud of the fact that we have been instrumental in supporting the Independent Musician through our Virtual Kiosk.

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    The CD Baby Virtual Store CD Sales Page
    With over 10,000 CD's sold via our little Kiosk experiment we thought it would be nice to open up our records and let everyone see what CD's have been selling from our Kiosk pages. Every month during 2008 we will honor the top Artist by featuring them below. The top artist is simply the artist that sold the most CD's during that month.

    We have no affiliation with any of the top artists, we simply posted the artists that sold the most CD's during each of the months of 2008 and 2009 via our Kiosk.

    May 2009 Top Artist
    New Monsoon
    New Monsoon Live
    New Monsoon's unique style blends free-flying rock with acoustic stylings, tight vocal harmonies, lyrical songcraft and a fearless pioneering spirit.

    Building upon their most successful studio album to date, New Monsoon V, this live two-CD set is the band's first official release from the current 5-piece line-up, and their first live album since 2004. Listen to it and you will see why so many fans are touting this grouping as the ultimate Monsoon to date, and this album the ultimate live Monsoon recording.

    New Monsoon Live Review by Rob Johnson from Hittin’ the Note: After a transitional period marked by lineup changes, the band emphasizes the “New” in New Monsoon on this effort, eschewing a retread of their “greatest hits” in favor of a record that points to the future more than it dwells on the past. Their last studio release, New Monsoon V, is well-represented with five songs, but their previous albums aren’t dipped into heavily.
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    March & April 2009 Top Artist
    Willie Nile
    House Of A Thousand Guitars
    House was recorded with two distinctly different groups of musicians. Half of the record, six songs, was recorded with Nile’s all-star, A-list band, the Worry Dolls: guitarist Andy York (John Mellencamp), bassist Brad Albetta (Teddy Thompson, Sean Lennon, Martha Wainwright) and drummer Rich Pagano (Fab Faux, Rosanne Cash, Patti Smith). The Dolls are, like another New York band with Dolls in the title, a powerhouse unit, with guts and ambition and the need to rock. Their sleek, muscular playing — on tunes like the upbeat “Run,” the anthemic “Little Light” and the driving, hard-edged, Stonesy, “Doomsday Dance” — is the record’s grit and backbone. “Doomsday,” in particular, is a classic, witty Nile socio-politico commentary, one that casts a wry eye on humanity’s sad penchant for self-destruction.

    The album is perhaps best seen through the prism of the title track, a hook-driven song about an imaginary place where great musicians dwell and can make their music in peace. “You can spread your fingers ‘cross the universe . . . in the House of a Thousand Guitars,” sings Nile, while naming House denizens Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, who, as the lyric says, is “gonna kick your ass.” Like the album itself, it’s a magical place to visit.
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    January & February 2009 Top Artist
    The Grand Cayman Concert
    The world discovered America in 1972, when a nameless horse began its gallop across the international airwaves. If this sounds like some sort of fairy tale, it seemed like one for the young musicians who harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of this song. "A Horse With No Name" made the band called America famous in the United States, Europe, and beyond, leading the way for an impressive string of hits to follow. Slightly more than a year after launching their group, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek were riding high, thanks to a sound that mixed rock, pop, and folk elements to instantly appealing effect.

    It's been a long ride indeed for these two old friends. "We've grown up in a world of show biz, seen styles change, seen technology change," Bunnell muses. "But basically Gerry and I have stayed very much the same. We still have those standards in songwriting that we were hoping to establish. We've lived pretty full lives and managed to hold on to some sanity, although the world seems crazier every day.
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    December 2008 Top Artist
    Steve Carlson
    Stripped Down
    This album combines genres, creating melodies and lyrics filled with bluesy seductiveness, soul-bearing vulnerability and mature reflection.

    Steve Carlson's latest release "Stripped Down" is an intimate album filled with inspirational melodies and moving ballads. This is Carlson's second collaboration with Producer, Darren Sher and was recorded in the winter of 2008 in Las Vegas - "Down" on the "Strip".

    Reviewer Comments
    * This album is absolutely stunning. It's soft and intimate, painful and powerful, and contains some of the most honest music I've ever heard. All the new songs and the stripped down versions of the old ones have something that's so brilliantly, delicately unique about them that you just can't help but lose yourself in the music. I've had this on repeat for days and I fall harder and deeper in love with it every single time.
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    November 2008 Top Artist
    John McFee, Stu Cook & Keith Knudsen
    The never before released recordings of a trio consisting of Doobie Brothers/Clover guitarist John McFee, Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook, and long time Doobie drummer, the late Keith Knudsen.

    Recorded in the late ’80s and the first of the ’90s, the songs and the playing epitomize what a contrast a REAL band, who actually write, play, and sing on their own recordings makes to so much of the plastic, pre-fab offerings of today.

    Relevant Trivia
    * Jackdawg was a project that naturally evolved out of the dissolution of country rock band Southern Pacific, whose core lineup included John, Keith, and Stu plus keyboardist Kurt Howell (who went on launch a career as a successful solo artist, producer, and songwriter.)
    * John and Keith were both long time touring and recording members of legendary Japanese artist Eikichi Yazawa’s band during the years of the Jackdawg sessions.
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    October 2008 Top Artist
    Falling Martins
    Live At the Old Rock House
    Americana rock from the Midwest. Featuring guitars, piano, bass, drums, and additional instrumentation. Based in St. Louis, the Falling Martins are a five-piece rock band with diverse foundations in rock, pop, folk, country, jazz, and more. Their lush harmonies, rhythmic and textured guitars, harmonically imaginative keyboards, and flowing and grooving bass, drums, and percussion are seamlessly integrated into a cohesive sound that evokes the best of American music. Whether playing their many original songs, or spinning off their tasteful selection of cover songs, the Falling Martins are grabbing the attention of more and more listeners week after week. The band has performed well over 250 live shows since its inception in 2001, solidifying both its experience and chemistry.
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    August-September 2008 Top Artist
    Loose Logic
    Before The Storm
    Hip-Hop that blends lyrics and a flow to reflect the struggles and dreams of today's youth while keepn' the game real - on the street and in the club.

    Loose Logic recently won the “Best Urban (Rap) Artist Of The Year” Award at the 2007 Orange County Music Awards, that took place in March at The Grove in Anaheim. The underground AND ‘above-ground’ buzz continues to grow on ‘LOGIC, who has recently warmed up national recording acts DJ Quick, KRS-1, Strong Arm Steady, and Evidence, to name a few. “He flows with the grit of Tupac and the wit and playful lyricism of Eminem,” writes SQUEEZE OC. “The beats are deep…from the up-and-coming MC and producer.” “An outstanding recording of rap poetry with some exceptional vocal offerings…quickly becoming a MUEN favorite!” writes MUEN MAGAZINE publisher, Greg Cataline. “Is Loose Logic going to be the next great White Hope of Hip-Hop? Could be,” says Brian Lush, Producer of the ROCKWIRED radio program and who featured the rapper on his popular program in March. “It’s a safe bet that Loose Logic is going to be around for a while…”
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    June - July 2008 Top Artist
    Dana Fuchs
    Live NYC
    Soulful, bluesy rock, and powerful, moving vocals from the star of Sony Pictures' Grammy nominated "Across the Universe." This is the long-awaited first Live CD, Recorded at BB King's in NYC and featuring "Helter Skelter," "Rather Go Blind" and "Misery."

    Recorded Live at a sold out show at NYC's BB King's, the CD captures the energy, power and raw emotion of a Dana Fuchs Band show. The 14 song set list is made up of favorites from Dana's first CD , "Lonely For A Lifetime" such as "Strung Out" and "Songbird," new never- released tracks such as "Misery" and Dana's show stopping versions of Etta James' "Rather Go Blind" and the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" (which Dana also performs as "Sadie" in Sony Pictures' "Across the Universe").
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    March-April-May 2008 Top Artist
    Mexican/Americana. A blend of Country, Mexican, Roots Music, and Americana make up this debut album. Very special guest artist on this cd are an added bonus.

    Your eclectic genres punch through brilliantly (tex-mex, americana, folk, cumbias, cajun). Mixing multiple genres for style recognition is not always easy, you do it very well. Slide on “Drinking For Two” awesome! Cohesive and captivating lyrics, so true to life, universal, and easy to connect with. The caliber of musicianship doesn’t get better! Your songs have beautiful structure and great dynamics that create tons of emotion and connectedness to the listener. Awesome instrumentation. They have tons of placement potential in film and TV. Very polished with superb production and engineering. Well done!
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    February 2008 Top Artist
    Darmon Meader
    And So Am I
    First solo CD by long time leader of vocal quartet "New York Voices." This CD is a mixture of jazz styles, showing Darmons vocal, instrumental and arranging prowess.

    Recognized in both the jazz vocal and instrumental worlds, Darmon Meader is a distiguished vocalist, arranger and saxophonist. Darmon has achieved international recognition as the founder, musical director, chief arranger, composer, producer, saxophonist, and tenor vocalist with New York Voices. As a member of NYV he has released numerous recordings on the GRP, RCA/Victor and Concord record labels. "And So Am I" is Darmon's long awaited debut solo CD.
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    January 2008 Top Artist
    Capricorn Rhythm Section
    Alive at 2nd Street Music Hall
    Capricorn Rhythm Section. Never heard of them? How about Capricorn Records? You remember, Duane Allman, the “Allman Brothers Band”, Dickie Betts, Bonnie Bramlett, the “Marshall Tucker Band”, “Wet Willie”, and “Cowboy”? Well, the members of the Capricorn Rhythm Section are some of the ones responsible for producing their records, playing on them, and writing songs they recorded.

    Now, after years of pursuing their individual careers, Scott Boyer, Tommy Talton, Bill Stewart, Paul Hornsby, and Johnny Sandlin, have come together again to play some of the classic music they helped create and new music of their own, Capricorn Rhythm Section. Still think you haven’t ever heard of them? Sure you have… you just didn’t realize it until now!
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