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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  The Bill Carrera CD Reviews

    Welcome to the EvO:R Carrera Reviews Section.
    I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Bill Carrera and I am the new music reviewer here at Evor. I wanted to let you know a little about my thoughts on music. It's important to let the people that I review know how I think of and listen to music.
    First of all I believe that if your music sucks then the world should know about it! After all, you have the nerve to charge as much for your stuff as the majors do so it better be pretty damn good, and if it is, I'll also tell the world. I'll hold nothing back!
    Bill Carrera

      Review of the Artist Jeza
    I received the CD "Jeza Wined Up" for review from the artist Jeza. As I listened to the first song I thought I had this one completely figured. A pseudo pop player with an Eric Clapton voice range. So I had the voice range part right and the rest of it was just Happy Confusion.

    To explain what I mean about, happy confusion, I have listened to this disc quite a few times and I can't help hearing something different almost every time. There are jazz, rock, reggae, and other influences in his music and a good sense of humor that allows you to feel that the music is much more than just a collection of notes and the words more than just prose. Putting together many different styles is the beauty of this group of songs and this is why I think you should give it a listen.

    The first song on the disc, "Rhythm of Love" has a nice opening beat and for me the first time I listened to it, I didn't think it was that great of a song. After listening to the rest of the disc I listened to it again, I came to realize that this was just an introduction to his style and until you do listen to the entire disc, or at least more of the disc you won't get what he's trying to say.

    Other songs on the disc include "How Can I Help You?" and "Place by the River" both of which are melodic and thoughtful. Listening to these two songs it's easy to see the feeling Jeza puts into his music. The song "How Can I Help You?" is one of my favorites on the disc, it has a good grove to it. You never feel like your being hit over the head with this song but you feel it just as much. In "A Place on the River" it's a song about having your own place to go. The guitar work in this song is soft and smooth, and the flow of the song makes me wish I were on the river too.

    Jeza's sense of humor is not hidden on this disc either. The song "Queen Mum" shows this, I'm not sure if it's a poke at the British Royals or not. But it is a short little song that gives at least a little smile every time. Jeza continues this with the song "Writers Block" those of us who try as hard as we sometimes can to write, compose, or create can understand appreciate and hang our heads and laugh at this song. For those of you that are X-File fans, as it seems that Jeza is, the song "Unidentified" is a fun romp into the possibility that we are not alone.

    The songs on the disc "Jeza Wined Up" are worth giving a listen to the musicianship is top notch. Some great guitar work, and song craftsmanship has gone into making this disc. To be picky I would like to have heard a wider sound stage for this disc. The songs and players on it would benefit from a hearing a better separation and location of instruments. But as I said I was being a bit picky, the disc from Jeza "Wined Up" has me Wound Up so if you get the chance give it a listen.

    Want a member of the EvO:R review staff to review your music?
    It will be honest and above all, very interesting. All you need to do is send your CD to:
  • Charlie Harrelson
    EvO:R Reviewer
    8021 Sunset Dr
    Yalaha, Fl.
    Reviews will appear in the order that CD's are sent so don't delay as it takes a couple weeks now and we just got started!

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