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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  Avalon USA on EvO:R

    AVALON USA - Any one familiar with the stylings of groups like YES, KANSAS, GENESIS, RUSH, SUPERTRAMP, are going to find some common ground here." In 1989, Jeff Kalmar (GTR)and Joel (KEYS) ran an ad and recruited Bruce Henninger (DRUMS). Later trhey recruited Dan Bonadeo, (LEAD VOCALS) together with John Curtin (BASS) to formed AVALON USA. The band played extensiviely in the NY tristate area in the late 80's to mid 90's. The band called it quits to pursue other interests in the late 90's.

    After releasing a cd called " 5 OF THE BEST", consisting of studio versions of 5 of their best songs, and a play on words due to the 5-man lineup. The bug to complete some unfinished business came to fruition with the unexpected release of 'THE DREAMER AND THE DREAM", AVALON USA's fairwell album.

    AVALON USA started in 1989, when Jeff Kalmar and Joel Pirard agreed to start a new band together. After having played in ORION, (with John Curtin) they had a good idea of what they could come up with. "We scouted around searching for the people that would eventually make up the band, careful to avoid the 'weak links' that had broken up our other band, " Jeff stated. Bruce Henninger, was recruited from an advertisement in a musicians' journal, and the search for a bassist continued. For a short time that spot was filled but the dmands of the music soon brought about more change. John Curtin had been sitting in from time to time and eventually came aboard as bassist/lead guitarist, soon followed by Dan Bonadeo. Thus the birth of the band.

    Their music is available through PWMN. If you like bands like Kansas, Yes and Spock's Beard, this stuff is worth giving a listen.

    Gigging furiously, AVALON USA even devoted time to a YES tribute show, all the while writing new powerful material, and re-doing a number of ORION songs.

    AVALON USA disbanded in 1992, but is now recording a NEW CD of material, featuring JEFF KALMAR, JOEL PIRARD, BRUCE HENNINGER, and of course, DAN BONADEO. John Curtin has been consulting on the project, but due to many pressing commitments was not available for the reunion. " It was now or never", Dan said recently, " We didn't want to proceed for the longest time WITHOUT all the members, but eventually it became apparent that the only way it was going to happen was to be proactive and MAKE it happen". Joel Pirard agrees, saying " I had broached the idea to the guys of a resumption of working together, at least to finish some unfinished music, and record them for posterity. At first everyone seemed into it, but time commitments being what they are, things dragged on. Eventually Dan took over the reins of this, to the extent of engineering it and scheduling sessions, etc. It soon became obvious that John couldn't be an active participant, although he is there in spirit".

    Avalon USA Review
  •  "The music and songs all sound very good. I you like bands like KANSAS, STYX and HYBRID ICE, this is stuff worth giving a listen." The CDR starts with a song called FLIGHT OF FANTASY. This is an beautiful uptempo pomprocker like RUSH ( Moving Pictures) and the first HYBRID ICE. Many keys is this song. AFTER THE CALL continues and contains, again, many pompy keys, very HYBRID ICE and STYX - like. This song has a rather mellow chorus (bit like JAUGERNAUT on their first lp), but ends with a very nice and smooth guitarsolo. Next up, after a key-guitar duelling intro, SKYHUNTER goes into a slight progressive early 80's KANSAS-type song, with a great pompous synthsolo at the end.

  •  The shortest track on the cdr is called RUN IN THE RAIN and this song starts like the previous ended, yes indeed, with keys all over, and they'll be very present through the entire song. Than we come to a 10 minute epic song called GULAG. This song is very KANSAS related ( except for the violin), has as long instrumental intro and middlepart. It reminds me a lot to KANSAS' Magnum Opus epic from the Leftoverture album. Again I know I repeat myself), many keys, guitars ( no heavy ones though) and we even can hear some madoline. Very good song.

  •  These were the 5 studio tracks. Next are 3 live tracks and they all sound a bit like the previous ones, though they sound a bit heavier, but I think it's because the live recording. Especially the instrumental called M42, the closing track, is a great song with dueling guitars and keys,and you like to hear some great progressive rock, check them out on their site. Rating: 8/10 (Review by Willy van Buel)

  • CD offer
    Once Stood a Band - the Studio Sessions
    Avalon Usa
    Copyright-Jeff Kalmar, John Curtin, Joel Pirard, Bruce Henninger, Dan Bona
    Record Label: 7 Sources Music Co
    Buy CD - $10.00 see album notes & reviews SPECIAL: 20% discount if you buy more than one copy of it today!

    CD samples are directly linked to the bands page on CD Baby
  •  Run in the Rain 2:52
  •  Skyhunter 5:20
  •  The Abuser 2:31
  •  Gulag 10:34
  •  Flight of Fantasy 4:52
  •  Once Stood a Man 12:25
  •  After the Call 4:34
  •  Suite: the Dreamer and the Dream

  • The Dreamer And The Dream
    Avalon USA
    Copyright-Jeff Kalmar, John Curtin, Joel Pirard, Bruce Henninger, Dan Bona
    Record Label: 7 Sources Music Co
    This album features the last studio recordings of this great band, as well as unreleased live material. It also contains the special track "Exploring The Deep" which features John Curtain playing all the instuments except the drums, including several different bass guitars.

    CD samples are directly linked to the bands page on Peacework Music Network
  •  The Dreamer And The Dream
  •  The Abuser
  •  Once Stood A Man
  •  Follow The Light
  •  Exploring The Deep
  •  The Dreamer And The Dream (live)
  •  Call The Preacher

  • Five Of The Best
    Avalon USA
    Copyright-Jeff Kalmar, John Curtin, Joel Pirard, Bruce Henninger, Dan Bona
    Record Label: 7 Sources Music Co
    Avalon USA was formed in 1989 and this is their debut album, released in 2002 for PeaceWork Music Net. If you like the bands Yes, Kansas, and Spock's Beard, you're going to love Avalon USA.

    CD samples are directly linked to the bands page on Peacework Music Network
  •  Flight Of Fancy
  •  After The Call
  •  GULAG
  •  M42

  • Band Photos
       Joel Pirard is an amazing musician. He plays keyboard in a pop/rock band called JDA (featured on EvO:R). JDA has also been voted into the Elite Veterans of Rock, an award honoring Independent musicians that have had a history of musical contributions. He is also a keyboard wizard with Avalon USA. Between working with both bands he finds time to work on his solo projects called Seven Sources. If that wasn't enough he has also agreed to be on one the EvO:R staff reviewers. I don't know how he does it, but keep up the good work Joel!


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