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Welcome to EvO:R Entertainment
  •  2nd Story Band on EvO:R

    Meagan Lane joined our EvO:R networking group in early 2000 and has been a part of the EvO:R organization for many years. The band covers many genres of music and has been tuff to catagorize because of their diversity but one thing is unmistakable, Meagan has some pipes!

    2nd Story Band co-founders, Meagan Lane and Geoff de Mers, grew up in the 50's and 60's during one of the most musically rich periods in the evolution of American Pop Music. It was a time when Rock-a-billy, Doo Whop, R&B, Tejano, Calypso, Cowboy Music (C&W), Swing, Rock and Roll, Folk and Folk Rock could be heard on commercial radio.

    Starting as an acoustic duo in 1978, they matured as performers, arrangers and songwriters. In Washington DC, Meagan and Geoff sought out and worked with musicians from different countries ande cultures. Through these associations and learning experiences their music evolved to incorporate World Beat Rhythms of West Africa, Latin America and the Celtic Isles, etc. And as a result Meagan and Geoff have developed one of the most interesting and fresh sounds to come out of the Metro DC area.

    As an example: In 1990 Meagan and Geoff formed a West Africa Band- Hedzoleh Story - in collaboration with Amartey Larea, a multi- instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Ghana, West Africa. Their shows included performances at the "Smithsonian Museum of African Art" And Harmony Hall Regional Arts Center during "African History Month". Meagan and Geoff haven't heard music in the same way ever again - But for some reason audiences in the DC area are often surprised when they learn that the band is local, not from out of Town!

    2nd STORY's STAGE AD-LIBBING, instrumental improvisations, haunting harmonies and ease with a wide variety of styles, not to mention MEAGAN'S expressive and smoky vocal interpretations, have delighted college, club, festival and most recently, Senior Assisted and Recreation center audiences for nearly thirty years. You are not often likely to hear a band so convincingly and so expertly blend jazz forms, funky blues and world rhythms into such a tasty gumbo!!!

    2nd STORY CREATES an exciting new style of "World Beat Blues" that appeals to a broad audience, ranging from the college student, to the up-scale patron, to the most seasoned club goer. 2nd STORY'S LARGER CONCERTS can include exotic West African Dance. Audiences are mesmerized when the dancers in colorful and traditional costmes appear on stage. The energy is contageous! Band members involve the audience by handing out rhythm instruments, dancing among the crowd and leading a Limbo or Conga line to the beat of he Tribal drums. From an acoustic Duo or Trio up to a full compliment of up to 6 top notch players on Afro-Cuban percussion, bass, drums, synthesized steel drums, sax, and lead guitar the 2nd STORY Band puts on "one heck of a show".

  • The CD sounds great! “It is very well recorded and produced and reflects the diversity, creativity and soulfulness for which this band is known.

  • Lane’s voice is a constant surprise - sweet, arch, rough, wanton and worldly in turn… the melodies are fresh and the lyrics both catchy and , yes, educated.’”....The Washington Post

  • “Meagan sounds like a soulful Janis Joplin, but with a much better range. Matter of fact, the backing as well as the lead vocals are top notch!” Meagan is also the bass player an probides a strong anchoring groove... from Bill Cerrara of EvO:R

  • And Laura Outerbridge of The Washington Times said: “2nd Story Band swerves from light metal guitar riffs of “the Politicians All Sing” to a bouncy African High Life groove on ‘The Prince of Chapel Street’ and ‘Derby Hat’ … A kind of bluesy-calypso mood takes over on ‘You’re So Cool‘, ‘The Boy’ and especially Larry Williams’ ‘Junior Behave Yourself‘. I found myself returning to the High Life cuts, though, since the sound is so unexpected on a Pop-rock album. Mr. de Mers handles the bright, nuancy guitar style well, while drummer, Wes Crawford and Miss Lane on bass contribute a spare, propulsive rhythm. Miss Lane’s expressive vocals certainly get her point across.

  • CD offer
    Blue Shades
    2nd Story Band
    The 2nd Story Band's performances grow out of a love for spontaneity - some tracks on the "Blue Shades" CD were recorded live in 2001 at Walton Recording in Fairfax, VA.- and yet the arrangements are tight and well crafted. At outdoor and larger concerts children (of all ages) rush toward the stage and dance to the infectious grooves. And as a part of the stage show the Band features authentic and colorful West African Dancers and percussion blended in with the funky blues style ... hence - World Beat Blues.
    Song Samples- Click on the song title to hear a sample.
     / Down By the Water  / Down River Down  / Dirty Mother  / As the Years Go Passing By
     / LP Cool  / Cry Cry Cry  / Tom Bigby  / Cesar Rules  / Junkman  / Mind Your Own Business  / Richland Woman

    The Politicians All Sing
    2nd Story Band
    “Meagan’s sultry voice is only enhanced by the curious and provoking lyrics she emits. Catchy. The band which could be a solid opener for the likes of Gloria Estafan, backs her with a wide variety of haunting harmonies and with a soothing style.
    Song Samples- Click on the song title to hear a sample.
     / The Politicians All Sing  / Sleeping Drunkard  / The Brave Scots  / Junior Behave Yourself  / Derby Hat  / The Boy  / Angel From Montgomery
     / You're So Cool  / The Blacksmith  / The Prince of Chapel Street  / Mind Your Own Business
     / Cesar Rules

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